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Phone calls to Cuba

I just wonder if someone could help me.I would like to call my friends in Cuba (on their cell phone) ,but I am not sure if they’re gonna be charged for receiving the phone call? I will call from my landline phone ,cell is just to expensive .There seems to be many different answers to that.Have any of you called Cuban cell phone and can help me find the answer? ???

Thank you :slight_smile:

I call Cuba on a regular basis to a cell and as it stands right now they do not get charged for the calls coming in from outside of Cuba but that is suppose to change. It was to change as of December 15 but has been delayed again. Thank goodness cause it will be quite expensive for them once it does change.
Hope this helps you out. Good luck!

Thank you! It does help.I also heard that they will start charging them for receiving text messages ! Did you hear anything about that?

I think they already do get charged for receiving text messages now from within Cuba but not yet for outside. I will find out tonight for you as I am calling down and will let you know