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Phoning Varadero from Canada

Hey fellow Cuba visitors,

Can someone please tell me how to call Cuba? On Debbie’s site of Cuba resort contact info, I got the following information:

Hotetur Palma Real
Ave. 2da y Calle 64, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.
Tel: 614555 Fax: 614550

I was wanting to leave info here at home in case of emergency; but I have no idea what ‘other’ numbers preceed the 614555 in order to call there? i.e. area code; country code etc…

Does anyone know?


To phone Varadero from Canada, you would dial 011 (international long distance) 53 (country code for Cuba) 45 (city code for Varadero), then 614555.

011 53 45 614555

Good thing that you remember to leave your contact info while you are away! :slight_smile:

My mom has been ill and you never know…so…I thought at least I’ll leave it with a friend and leave the friend’s number with the hospital. We are only going for a week; and it’s not like we’re going to come home early (I don’t think that’s even an option when you book these tour packages…I mean you have you’re arrival and departure dates and that’s it right?)

Anyway, thanks very much. 24 days and counting!

Torti, don’t assume that if you need to return to Canada in case of emergency that you won’t be able to. The key is to be prepared. Making certain that the hospital has your contact information is a good start, but try to identify someone who speaks Spanish that would be able to phone you at your hotel.

For example, a family member of a close friend (who was vacationing in Cuba last winter) passed away unexpectedly here in Canada. I telephoned the resort and explained the situation. They tracked down my friend immediately, and she phoned back within 30 minutes. We were able to arrange for her to return to Canada on a flight that was leaving that night.

Luckily, she had travel insurance, which covered all of her financial costs.

On another occasion, I gave up my seat back to Canada for someone who needed to return urgently (spouse passed away in Varadero). (The tour operator ‘rewarded’ me with five additional days at the Blau Varadero, plus some travel vouchers.)

So, it does happen … but being prepared is key. Hopefully, you have purchased travel insurance?

I am a fairly ‘green’ traveller, but because of my mom’s deteriorating health this past year I did get cancellation insurance just in case we couldn’t go. I booked our trip in November for end of February. I’m not sure what else this covers; but I do know it covers for not being able to go…I will have to check further!

Thanks for your help; I really appreciate it!