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Photographer at the Majestic Elegance

Hi there,

Just wandering if anyone knows if there is a photographer at the Elegance or Colonial?

We are taking the family and would like to get some pictures done by a pro.

Any experiences or advice such as quality and payment would be most appreciated.

We will be going mid Feb.

Steve ???

This website has a great set of pics of Elegance, to quicken the pics just click on the right arrow.

Oops, your looking for a photographer, excuse my previous post. I know when we were at the Colonial a couple years ago there was a photographer and he took some nice pics of us. The pics were all posted at a little store at the shopping area at the Colonial. Nice idea, we are leaving for Elegance on the 17th Jan with my folks so we too will be looking for a photographer. Have fun.

yes there is several photographer’s a the elegance

steeve…there is a group of prof. photographers that work out of the photo shop at the colonial they are very professional and will do a series of photos of your family, which you can then view on computer and select a package i dont remember their names, but two young guys from brazil and spain took some pics for us and were really good at their job!


Thanks for the info. How did you pay cash or cc? Do you remember the cost approx so we know how much cash approx to take?

Thanks Steve

um, we paid cash and we had a “photo shoot” done one night in the plaza off the lobby…we paid $60 for 5 pictures 7x10 but you can just ask to see the whole set and if you don,t like any…then its doesnt cost anything!

thanks for the info. We are leaving shortly and now that the holidays are over we are starting to get that down south feeling. As the days go by it will grow in intensity no doubt. First day back to work and it sure bites. To all of you down south or heading shortly have a great holiday and we will be joining you shortly.