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Photos from Havana - Cuba


Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro (background) and Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta (foreground)

Maximo Gomes at Suarez

Manzana de Gomez

Corner of San Pedro y Jesus Maria

Plaza Vieja

Plaza Carlos III, Havana’s largest indoor shopping mall located along Carlos III in Centro. All CUC stores

Old Havana rooftops… taken from rooftop bar of Hotel Ambos Mundos.

Museo de Bellas Artes (beside Parque Central)

Hotel Nacional with the Edificio Focsa behind it (Tallest bldg in Cuba) Restaurant El Torre is at the top.


Defending the entrance to Havana Harbour from El Morro/Cabana

Castillo Real Fuerza in Habana Vieja at Plaza de Armas.

The light is magic right at sunset
From the rooftop bar of the Hotel Ambos Mundos

The Malecon from the rooftop of #20 Prado.

Fountain at the roundabout, Indepencia y Via Blanca (you pass this on the way from the airport to Havana)

Cemetary Colon (Necropolis Cristobal Colon)

Iglesia San Francisco de Asis. The incredible Church of St. Francis of Assis annd Monestary (circa 1633)

Inside the Convento de San Francisco de Asis


Here is more photos from the trip to Havana that our lovely FaceBook fan Lynette sent to us:


When I toured Havana, my tour guide took me to a wall that had painted people, these people had made a significance to Cuba, whether it be medicine or other, can someone post that pic or tell me where the wall was located. I would really love to see it again.


Hi @honda1 would you have any photos from your trip to Havana / Cuba to share with us :slight_smile:


The wall you are talking about is the Cuban History Mural, located on Calle Mercaderes between O’Reilly and Empedrado. That’s one block east of the Plaza de la Catedral.

Here’s some information on it.


Thanks for sharing. It’s just as I rembered it to be.




Malecon looking at Morro


Sellers selling Cuban flags and souvenirs in the streets of Havana:


Centro Hababa: Pepe was one of those given a choice to stay in prison in Cuba or go to Miami on the Mariel boatlift. Ten years later, he was given the choice to going to prison in the US or being sent back to Cuba. He pedals a bicitaxi but did not want to go out because he said it was too hot.


out in the campo south of Boyeros


On the Prado. A local musical group had set up late in the afternoon so everyone could come out and dance.


On the Malecon


El Capitolio Havana


Powerful work Bob. Every time I go back to “On the Malecon” I am intrigued with a different question.


It has been years since I visited El Capitolio. Are the photographers with the old wooden cameras that also develop the print still about? I was fascinated by the process and regret never having had a portrait done.


The guys with the cameras are still there but fewer of them because the Capitolio is being renovated with a barrier wall that blocks the famous view of the steps. This one moved across the Prado and down a block to Parke Central.

The cameras are also mini-darkrooms with little trays of developer and fixer inside to develop the direct reversal paper that is exposed. The paper is quite old and produces really bad prints but the photographers will tell you that you “fix in Photoshop”


Harman should make that easier. Ever try it?


Exactly Bob. I have so many photos of them plying their trade but didn’t think until days later that I never had a photo from them. “fix in Photoshop” funny. Good to know next time in Havana I can still find him.
Straight to a framed memory is my plan.


Now I know all too well that you are not supposed to photograph police or anything military in Cuba. But when I saw this member of the Brigada Especial Nacional (Special Forces) with his black dog on the Prado in Havana, I had to raise my camera and ask “OK?”, He gave a short nod, struck this pose for about a second, then walked on as if it never happened.