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Photos from Havana - Cuba


Hola Bob… nice to see I’m not the only one to photograph cops. Great shot you got there.
Here’s a few of mine…


Not sure if this will work. I’m done fighting with photobucket!
I get a kick out of the motorcycle cops wearing spurs.


Onece in Varadero 17 years ago I asked policeman to take photo with him and answer was: NO ES POSIBLE


Have been long time since I posted some photos from Havana so here is a few:


I was actually detained on the beach in Holguin for taking pictures.
I survived!


You must look dangerous :wink:


Looking from the rooftop of the casa particular over the roofs of the buildings in Havana:



El Capitolio
Habana Vieja outskirts
Bank in Habana Vieja
Gran Teatro
Taller Experimental de Gráfica
Museo de la Revolucion


i don’t actually know what other people think about these pics but to me they look AMAZING. that’s because the place is amazing… it makes me dream… makes me wanna achieve things. unfortunately now i can’t because of i need to search for rxcoupons.org or such things instead because of my health issues and lack of money. but as soon as i will be fine i will go all around the world. by the way i’ve been there once and i will surely go back next year!


Welcome to Debbie’s, Arinue. Why not post some of your photos too?


It just strikes me - JustRobme’s second photo from July - I don’t think that is the Capitolio, is it ? Surely that is the Museum of the Revolution (the former Presidential Palace), which appears more fully in the last photo.


I think you’re right. According to Wikipedia, this is El Capitolio.

Note the differences in the dome.


Yes - there are several other photos in this thread which do show the Capitolio.


Children’s after school dance recital on the Prado

Santeria offering to Ochun from edge of the harbor in Regla

Drag queen putting on a show at tourist bar on Calle Obispo. I was walking down the street with her hoping for a good photo op when she heard the music, simply walked in, and hopped up onto the open stage platform and began dancing.


Ochun ? Does the harbour count as river and not sea for those purposes ?


[quote=“justRobme, post:48, topic:23035”]
Looking towards “Museo de la Revolucion”
[/quote] (fixed the reference)


Here is a random collection of old photos of mine, all shot in Havana between 2009 and 2014.


Thanks again, Bob. Always love your “Eye”



Gadsden County, Florida? LOL