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Photos from Panama


Panama city is lovely tourist destination and became more popular in the last 10 to 15 years. I traveled a quite few times to Panama and I loved it! One of the best thing in Panama is weather. Its always warm or hot and there is no hurricanes. If you like hot climate and city life plus some shopping than Panama City is excellent travel destination. I will share some photos from Panama in the thread. If you have any photos to share please do so in this thread or start your own! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Next vacation will be Panama again for me. As I posted photos, I said to myself why not go again and this time visits some islands of Panama, so I booked air ticket as Air Canada offers direct flights to Panama City. This time I have the plan to visit Isla Contadora or Isla Taboga as well rent a car and go around. I miss good and fresh Panamanian sea food. If you never been to Panama, you should go and see … weather is always warm, so no problem during winter time to question the weather. Here are a few photos from the trip before.

Panama City doesn’t have a beach but this is how it looks anyway

Fish Market in Panama city:

Fresh shea food you can buy in the Fish Market Restaurant:

And if you prefer nicer place they have lovely sush restaurants:

Anyione hungry?


I am so happy to find information about Panama. We are seriously thinking of retiring there in about 7 yrs. Bottom line we can’t afford to retire here in Canada, the cost of living has gone through the roof. So far I have been getting info from International living and doing my best trying to get to know the area. From what I can tell, well getting excited.
Any information and just advise would be deeply appreciated.


That’s an interesting thought. I have already retired, but it seems like I’m spending more money than I thought. I think it might be a bit tough relocating, considering how settled in to our house we are (rooms full of stuff, and so on). But it would be nice to be somewhere that is warm all the time, and cheaper to live.
You are giving me ideas!


Ironically I thought because of incorrect information given to me that we had to return to Canada every 6 mos in order to get the CPP and OAS. That would be great in a perfect world. Needless to say I am grateful for a comment made by Twirler on Ta which resulted in Desmei setting me straight. Hubby did phone the Govt line to be sure. Now I am reading most articles from International Living and researching as much as possible different Countries. So far Panama has the best options and appears NOT to have hurricanes, but then again this research and hope is all new.
The idea of walking a beach, eating fresh fish, veggies and fruit (having a garden year round) really is appealing. But there is so much to consider such as health insurance, the water and cost of air conditioning.
Plus we are English speaking. There are some expat communities but they are on the expensive side.
The good thing is going through all of belongings and making lots of trips to Value Village (our way of donating to charity, plus we love to shop there.