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Photos of airplanes from your trips?

Any of you got cool photos of the airplanes from your trips to Caribbeans? I do take some photos … not often but I just found some and wanted to share. If you have any please share with us!

cool because they were able to fix the plane and we were able to depart same day… otherwise it would have been able to depart until the following day. It was an air-intake that was broken or blocked

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Nice shot @canuks :airplane:

Here is another one that I have of Air Transat:

From the beach on Cayo Largo. Cubana, maybe to Havana:

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Taken at Santa Clara in 2014.

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This is the memory of Canada I hold dear while laying under my palapa. It sure puts a little rain or a few clouds in perspective:


I know that scene, or at least one much like it. I thought I had a picture like that one in my collection, in fact, but nearly all of our flights have been early morning, so it might have been too dark to actually take a picture.