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Photos of Playa Del Carmen


Playa del Carmen is located in Mayan Riviera and every time I visit Playa I feel like I am in the Paradise. Lovely beaches nice restaurants and amazing weather. Here is a few photos from Playa del Carmen. Fell free to add more if you have!

Three party beaches in the Riviera Maya

In the 1st photo
What are the 2 very tall structures behind the person - hopefully they are not on Cozumel


I believe it may be Cozumel. The picture seems to be taken right across from PDC. I don’t remember seeing those buildings last time In Mexico a couple years back.


It has been many years since we were in that area & when we were in Cozumel I do not think there was anything over 3 stories


Yes across Playa Del Carmen is Conzumel!


By the way I believe that hotel that we see is called “El Conzumelano Beach Resort”