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Pics of Rui Bachata?


Hi all, am booked for arrival at Rui Bachata Feb 26th. Not a stranger to the DR, but is my first time in PP. Anyone have any pics of the resort they are willing to share? Am interested in the rooms, pool, beach, you know the usual stuff lol


I have a bunch. I have sent you a PM, let me know…we were there last year.


We were there in November. If you send me a PM with your email address, I’ll forward you some shots.


theboothlady - you’ll love it. maybe we’ll see you around - we’ll be at the Merengue at the same time but do spend time at the Bachata as well


Hera are some from 3 years ago:


Hi I am staying at the Merengue also in march, just wondered , do you have any suggestions for day trips? How is the beach for swimming?Is there a cove nearby to swim at? I thought I saw that somewhere in my searching. Is there a hot tub at the resort?


Does anyone have new info about this property.
They have been sending me a pile of emails with deals through RiuClass.


Will be able to let you know soon…leaving Wednesday am for a week and a 1/2 …counting down the days. We have been staying at the Merengue but visit with friends that stay at the Bachata.


Spunky…what do you want to know about the property? We were back to the Bachata in November & had a fab time.


Thanks Ruth, Just last minute, we got our price on our favourite spot but almost booked here.
Loved Bachata last time and almost took a Merengue Beach Suite this time.
Our favourite place in POP.

And it’s a real pain that messages, responses and PM’s don’t go to all the Debbie’s Forums at once.