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Pictures of rooms at Breezes Jibacoa


I thought I had seen someone post a few pics of the different rooms available a BJ. Could someone point me in the right direction? We are trying to decide what room we want. We would like Oceanview but wonder if its worth the extra $. Also, if you wanted to book the suite how do you do that when its not listed on a travel site? It just says Room no balcony, room, gardenview room, oceanview room or poolview room. Thanks for your input. We are going on September 20-28th. :slight_smile:


I thought I had seen someone post a few pics of the different rooms available a BJ. Could someone point me in the right direction? [/quote]

All of the rooms have a balcony or patio! We’ve stayed in gardenview, poolview, oceanview and in a suite. Our least favourite was the poolview because of the noise level but I’d have to admit that it was nice to be able to sneak into the pool for some skinny dipping after midnight. Oceanview in bldg # 3 or 4 on the ground level is our favourite as it’s just steps from the beach. The suites are nice- located on the second floor- but we personally felt it unnecessary to have so much extra space since we really don’t spend a lot of time in our room and therefore not worth the extra cost to us.

Tons of photos (including ours) can be found at www.webshots.com by searching under Breezes Jibacoa.


We always book the suite and they cannot be booked on line. The tour operator, you are booking through, has to contact the resort to make a reservation for the suite. There are 10 of them located in the oceanview buildings. The suites are all on the second floor of buildings, end units. We love the additional space you get with the suite (2 separate rooms) and a double sized balcony. All the oceanview rooms offer spectacular views and are practically on the beach…see photo taken from inside the suite during one of our stays. If you love listening to waves breaking on the beach, as you drift off to sleep, and can afford the upgrade to oceanview or the suite, I say go for it. Plus the views are fantastic. Apart from the layout of the suites, all the rooms in the other categories are, basically, laid out the same and with the same amenities. A lot of people are “pool” people, rather than beach, and prefer the poolview rooms. You need to keep in mind that these rooms overlook the stage where the evening show is held. You will be impacted by the noise from the show until about 10:30 at night but, the upside, if your room is in the right spot, you can watch the show from your balcony.
Garden view are, well, overlooking a garden area with not much else as a view. So, if you don’t care about your location or views, you might as well go for the cheapest rooms at the resort.

Photo taken from inside one of our suites:

Here’s some shots taken showing where the pool view & garden view buildings are and the resulting types of views you would get.

Garden view building area:

Inside suite. They have been renovated since these photos were taken a couple of years ago but the layout and furnishings are still the same. (note to self: take new photos inside suite, next stay :slight_smile: ) Along with the flat screen t.v., there is now a dvd player in the living room. The bedroom just has the t.v.
There is a kitchenette with small fridge that isn’t visible in the photo. The suites come with 1 1/2 baths, two large closets and a number of chests of drawers for clothing, etc and a desk and chair that I find very handy for writing up my journal and other stuff.