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Places to buy cigars in varadero


Where is the best place to buy cigars in Varadero. We want to make sure they are “real” ones. What are approximate costs for a box of 25 (low end to high end cigars)

Stephanie :slight_smile:

Hi Stephanie,

Here is a useful reference link:


Hope it helps.


The LCDH in the Las Americanas mall. They have an excellent selection. If your looking for a particular smoke and they don’t have it, they will order for you.
http://marty.514crew.com/cigarguide.html is pretty accurate with the price list. This is a great resource.


hola: I found the duty free shops in the airport when you depart is an excellent place to pick up cigars. They are “real” and have a very good variety/ selection and prices from $40 and up for 25.