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Places to shop off of resort

Where is a good place to shop for souveneirs, also is there shopping plazas close to Bahia Principe that the locals shop at; and safe for tourists to shop?

Since this is north coast forum, I’m assuming the original poster means Bahia Principe Rio San Juan and not the one in Punta Cana. If not, the above is 100% correct. If correct, you won’t get there from here …
For BPRSJ, your best bet is likely to make the hike into Puerto Plata. There are three large supermercados there; Tropical, Silverio Messon and Jose Luis. They sell everything under the sun. You might also pay a visit to the local department store Casa Nelson.

Thankyou for the info, yes it is in San Juan. Do you know if these markets are like a walmart with clothing or what type of items will I find at these markets. Also what is the best souvenier to bring home. Also is it safe to shop at these markets or will we get hasseled. Do they deal in American money or just Peso’s. Should we take a Taxi or bus??

Thanks again for your help!!

the markets will have all typres of Dominican Soveniers such as tropical shirts, paintings, wood or stone carvings even little snow sharkers that say puerto plata on them, etc etc…
but absolutely be prepared to be hassled big time! It’s part of the fun!! they will take US $$

You won’t be hassled at all in any of the supermercados I mentioned. Prices are clearly marked on their items and you put them in your shopping cart and take them to the check out. Just like home. But any of the stalls in a vendors market or a beach vendor, YES.