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Planing on single travel this year alone?!


It’s a weeny bit cheaper, but not by much unless you can find a resort that doesn’t charge a single supplement.


My agent gets me a price that’s about 1.5 times the price of an individual traveling double occupancy. For example, these are the prices I was quoted for January (taxes included so there’s no mystery).

The double occupancy price is first, followed by the single occupancy rate. This is a cross section showing that a fistful of resorts fall within the same general range of pricing. You can see that some price comparisons are better than others and not all hotels treat the solo traveler as a money grab!

$718.00pp / $1030.00pp
$1156.00pp / $1541.00pp
$1134.00pp / $1694.00pp
$585.00pp / $886.00pp
$732.00pp / $1103.00pp

(These prices are for hotels in the La Romana area, not Puerto Plata.)



I’d have thought 1.5 was about the right multiplier, but that’s not always the case. Just for a lark, I checked the hotel we’re staying at in January (POP, Fun Royale), two weeks, out of Toronto. The pricing comes up $1025+$320 taxes per person for a total of $2690 (or $1325 per person). If I get the same quote for a single it comes up at $1325+$320 taxes ($1625). That’s a premium of a mere $300 for a two week trip.


$1970 went to $2303 when changing to single supplement for 2 weeks (plus tax)


I was looking for a week somewhere for myself only.
Also I do understand the extra charge for a single person. And found similar results like was in previous posts.
But what was interesting some sites are not even give you a possibility to see the price for a single tourist.
Two or nothing. Weird.


All the sites I use allowed me the option …
The mechanism was a little different depending on the site programming, but I could get it.

question, what site didn’t allow that single selection?


For further clarification, the prices I laid out are for hotel only. You could add whatever you think is fair for the flight and then compare that way for an entire package. That will reduce the differential. For example, adding $700 per quote:

$718.00pp / $1030.00pp becomes $1418 vs $1730
$1156.00pp / $1541.00pp becomes $1856 vs $2241
$1134.00pp / $1694.00pp becomes $1834 vs $2394
$585.00pp / $886.00pp becomes $1285 vs $1586
$732.00pp / $1103.00pp becomes $1432 vs $1803

Doing that, you see that the difference is only $280 up to $515 per quote.



As a seasoned single traveller I find that most web sites have only so many single spaces available and when they have been sold they’re gone and so will not price for singletons any more. Very frustrating when you can see a double price but not a single one. This is why I always book as soon as I find a reasonable price, not worth hoping for a price reduction as a late deal.

Regarding price difference I find I pay about £300.00 more as a single person compared to the price per head for two.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


Well, in $$$ the differential is the same. Since there is no single supplement on the air fare portion (everyone basically pays for their seat), and most hotels are based on two sharing the room, it certainly reduces the 1.5 multiplier. :sunglasses:


Last year I went single and I was charged an extra $100 for the s.s…but some tour operators and resorts charged $300 for the same week I booked. Pays to shop around and ask your TA for the best price.


When I visited Vik Arena Blanca in Sept this year the decision was made simply on the fact that the tour operator (TMR from Montreal) offered it with no “single supplement”.
I contacted them and asked if they had any properties with no single supplement and they advised of this hotel. So if you don’t care that much about what hotel you stay at you might try asking the individual wholesalers.


Yeah it can be a good idea,i would suggest you to go for it because i have personally experienced a few travels alone and to be honest there isn’t anything bad with it. In fact i enjoy my freedom more and get to meet new people which works for me always.