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Planning....help please


Good Morning Everyone,
Me and my boyfriend are thinking that we would like to travel to Punta Cana over the xmas holidays as that is the only time we can get away from work. We are wondering some opinions on what would be a good resort (all inclusive) to go to. As well wondering if people are better off to fly from Vancouver or Kelowna (we are from Kelowna). Of course wanting a deal but realize at xmas this probably isnt very possible. We would like to adventure out a little but mostly relax on the beach and by the pool. Any information or advice appreciated. Thanks…


I guess the first question that leaps to mind is, what about nightlife? The hotels in Punta Cana are spread out over about 35 km of beach. It’s pretty general that all the properties have very nice beaches, acceptable rooms and decent food. Almost all operate on the AI business plan. We’ve stayed at a few properties in the area and found that the night life in most is pretty lacking. There’s usually a show of some type each evening, but it’s pretty well all over by midnight or a bit later. Some have small casinos and discos, but being small, sometimes they’re not too active.
Give us a few more details about what’s important to you and I’m sure our readers can make some suggestions.