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Play pesquero or paradisius de oro?


Which resort would be reccommended for a wedding?


Although I haven’t been to either of these resorts, I have heard wonderful things about Pariadisus Rio de Oro. A client of mine got married there, they took a large group with them and all had a great time. Every time I look thru the travel books I stop to admire this resort and someday I hope to vaca there. Good luck in your ecision.


We just got back from Paradisus last night and it is truly a beautiful resort. Service is impeccable and the staff are the greatest we’ve ever met. Food was the best we’ve ever had in a resort - lots of seafood and champagne. Brides were prepared in the spa by the sea, horse and buggy to the wedding gazebo right over the ocean. Weddings are free if you are a party of 17 and more. Below that they cost $350. I have some documentation on weddings from the wedding planner there, as one of our friends is considering marrying there also. If you would like more nfo, send me a PM. We witnessed 2 weddings on the same day and both brides seemed very happy with their choice of resort. I will be posting a review and photos in the next day or two. My daughter went to Playa Pesquero last year and said that resort was top notch also. Food excellent. Whichever you choose, good luck with your plans and many happy years together!


I would choose Paradisus! :smiley:


Well I guess I’ll be the first to throw up my vote for Playa Pesquero!!! We were married there last October and is was, without a doubt, fantastic ;D

PP is a fabulous resort with many amenities, and a great spot if you have children traveling with you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Tigs :slight_smile:


I’m with Tigs on this one, we were also married there last year, it was certainly a day to remember ;D ;D

PP is an amazing resort, can’t wait to return

Antha :wink: