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Playa Blanca


I haven’t been on the board for a while but am just wondering if anyone has been or plans on going to the Playa Blanca. It is offered with Sunwing from both Montreal and Toronto and the price is amazingly reasonable, approx $3100 for 2 for 2 weeks from Montreal, that’s with taxes and insurance.
We were at the Decameron last year and while we loved the resort and Panama, we are considering the Playa Blanca this year in Janaury.
I know the resort is fairly new, and was a Barcelo before. It is smaller than the Decameron but on the same strip of beach. We walked down last year but couldn’t get up to the resort because the tide was in.
Has anyone been there? or know anything more about the resort? or has anyone travelled with Sunwing? Last year we flew Air Transat and upgraded to first class, it was an excellent idea and we totally enjoyed the extra perks.