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Playa Blanca

This is my first post on this forum and I definitely believe it won’t be my last!

We returned 2 weeks ago from yet another wonderful vacation at Playa Blanca. This was our 5th visit to “our” island.

Cayo Largo is a place where you go if you want to restore mind and soul. The uniqueness of the island does something to you. It’s not only the suroundings, the 10 star beach, the ocean that makes the difference, it’s the people you meet too that makes a difference between a good vacation and an unforgettable experience.

My review of Playa Blanca is biased. I’m not afraid to say that :slight_smile: I toured the island by jeep one year and visited every resort. Sure, Sol Cayo Largo is impressive. It’s huge and may have more offerings but in the afternoon when I got back to Playa Blanca I felt like I was coming home. It’s just something about the rustic that appeals to me.

Food always seems to be a hot topic. The food is not gourment however it’s good Cuban food. I had some of the best roasted turkey, the lobster is to die for. Sometimes they might run out of a certain food. Move on! There’s lots of other variety!

My main reason I go to Playa Blanca is the beach. The first couple of days had high winds and the beach took a beating. Red Flag meant you went knee deep in the water and you will get knocked over by a wave. Then the winds died down and 10 star beach came back. Days are spent bobbing up and down the gentle waves and occasionally body surf the bigger waves that come by.

Life is a beach…

Hello Blixem,
first of all welcome to Debbie’s Forum and I hope you will enjoy here with us. Do not be afraid to ask questions or to share your experiences :slight_smile: and I see you had great experience in Cayo Largo and Playa Blanca. Personally I was there 3 months ago and I enjoyed it a lot as well. We have many members who simply love Cayo Largo and travel there quite often. So you usually travel to Cayo Largo or you go to other parts of Cuba as well? I would like to ask you if you have time to submit your review of the Hotel Playa Blanca on our main page http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/contact_us/your_review.php so that others can see and read it!
Thank you for joining us and here are 2 photos from Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena from my last trip:

[attachment id=“294” thumbnail=“1”][attachment id=“295” thumbnail=“1”]

Thank you very much for the nice welcome. I posted the review on the main page.

We visited Cayo Largo the first time in 2009. The hotel was still called Barcelo back then. We immediately fell in love with the island and have been returing every year.

One of the highlights of every trip is the arival at the hotel. The smiles and all round hugs when the staff see you’re back makes it that more special.

The people we meet every trip makes it special too. We were fortunate this year to meet a very nice couple while walking down the beach. We ended up spending quite a bit of time together with lots of laughs and fun. I don’t think St Patty’s Day will ever be the same at Playa Blanca!

Hey Blixem, Welcome to Debbie’s. You wouldn’t happen to know any of these famous dancers at Playa Blanca on St Paddy’s? LOL

LOL! That’s a Leprechaun!.. 2 meters!

Did you guys meet there by the chance? Blixem and Spunky?

The Kool Kids :slight_smile:

"My pen is in my hand"
Dos Pesos, por favor?

Admin, friends by chance. The best kind.

I’ll bring us t-shirts next year to match the hat :slight_smile:
… and some good scotch!

I first vised this island in 1993 but bit is not the real Cuba such as Niquero,

Like the arctic isn’t the real Canada, eh?
CL is real Cuba even if Cubans don’t live there, now. A long history of discovery, pirates, attempted habitation, native Caribe’s and Soviet affiliations.

Cayo Largo is one of the most beautiful places in Cuba! One day there will be only celebrities and rich people in Cayo Largo so we are blessed that we can go now and enjoy such beauty!

I would go one step further and say Cayo Largo is one of the most beautiful places on earth!

I mean…how can you beat this:

Photo was taken Friday March 21, 2014