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Playa Coral - snorkeling

Has anyone gone snorkeling at Playa Coral? Where is it exactly? Is it part of an excursion package or can you go without purchasing an excursion?

Thanks :wink:

There is quite a few members that love snorkeling not sure if @eeeefarm would be able to help you out answering your question.

Sorry, can’t help with that one. I’ve never stayed at Varadero. I did find this, however:

[a href=“http://www.lonelyplanet.com/cuba/matanzas/sights/beaches-islands-waterfronts/playa-coral”]Playa Coral[/a]

I was there a couple of weeks ago. It is not too far from Varadero. Actually if the airport road would continue straight to the shore you would almost hit Coral Beach. There is some fire coral there so you have to be careful. Many tours go there and it is fairly busy. The water can be rough at times. I think you could go there yourself especially if you had your own gear although I would tell the guides you were going out on your own since they might think you were part of one of their groups. The coral and fish isn’t bad. I would say the snorkling at Jibacoa is better though.

It’s been a few years since I was there. Snorkelling is fair to good. (Great for a novice) drg is right about some fire coral and you should plan this for a calm day. There is a beach shack resto/bar and some sketchy banos. Don’t remember any chair or brelly rentals. Cab fare from Varadero is less than 20 CUC. The parking lot will likely have cabbies waiting and car watchers available. Snorkel “guides” can be hired on the beach for 5 CUC or more if you want someone to show you out and around. We have had some fun days there on the beach when we went on our own.