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Playa Costa Verde Questions


We are going to Playa Costa Verde next month and have a couple of questions for all that have been there before. Do they take a copy of your passport when you check in? Do they have bicycles that you can rent at the resort? What time is the person there to book the Japanese a la carte? Lastly, can you buy Havaianas flip flops in the gift shop there or is there a place that sells them close by?


I can answer a couple of your questions. They didn’t take a copy of our passport last year at check-in but you will need your passport or a copy when you change money at the cadeca. Yes, there are bicycles to rent. The a la carte booking person is at a desk in the main lobby but I can’t remember what time she starts - maybe 8:00 or 8:30. No idea about flip flops.
Looking forward to our 2nd trip there Feb 27th.


We are booked for our second trip to PCV for one week arriving March 15th…I think the a la carte booking starts at 9am…the only flipflops I can remember in the gift shop from our trip 2 years ago were cheap ones…


Good Choice of resorts…We were there last June…had a wonderful time.

One suggestion, 1st day walk all the pathways of the resort. Funny comment I know but the way the resort is set up you typically will only use 1/2 the resort and there are gems you might miss.

We did take photocopies of our passport and after the 1st time at the bank with the real passport they allowed us to use the photocopy on following visits to exchange $.

We were very disappointed with the Venecia Italian restaurant. both service and food were about the worst we have had in all out travels to Cuba … maybe the chef was off…but it was sad.r

The flip side was the massage therapist Tony was excellent!


For a few years now the Italian a la carte restaurant has consistantly gotten bad reviews. Its about time they did something about it.