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Playa Dorada Beach


Hey there,

Just wondering if anyone has walked past the orange market (too the left) or through the inlet (on the right) on the playa dorarda beach, and where it will take you?

Is it safe to do this? Thanks in advance,



If you carry on walking past the orange market you will eventually come to the blue market walking past another 2 hotels one of which is the Hilton not sure what the other one is . Haven’t been any further that way but you can walk to Puerto Plata . Have walked to the point the other way past the inlet and there are some bars and some people selling all the usual wares . One time we had a cow walk in front of us down to the beach had a paddle in the sea and then went back into the trees !



Sure it is safe, you can walk for miles it is very nice.


[quote author=bonita70 board=Poparea thread=1169996256 post=1170011993]Sure it is safe, you can walk for miles it is very nice.
It didn’t use to be. There were a few ‘questionable’ stretches. Now you can walk as far as Puerto Plata in one direction and you can walk as far as the airport in the other.