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Playa Grande golf and hotel

Could anyone help me with current information regarding the Playa Grande golf course and the Occidental Allegro Playa Grande Hotel. I’ve wanted to go there for golf and vacation for years now and am just getting around to it, but now can’t find any info within the past 2 years. Are they still open? Private? Off the face of the earth? Abducted by aliens? Help me if you can. LGordo

I found info on the golf course, we did hear it was going private.

will be going private or semi private in april,going to play it for the second time in 2wks
this link might shed some more light on it for you

definatly go play ,not to be missed

here is link to pictures that one of the guys i played with took awsome

The hotel is definitely closed and may have been bulldozed by now. Last I heard you have until April to play the course before the new owner turns it private. Play it while you can, It’s my all-time favorite.

its too bad…I stayed at the hotel when it fisrt opened…was very nice and would go back.