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Playa Grande golf


Hi everyone
Newbie here.Heading down to Breezes in Feb 22 for 2 weeks and would like to do some golfing at Playa grande.
Have a few questions.
1] How long of a cab ride from Breezes?
2)Should I book tee times now or when I get there?
3]Has anyone played there in the 6 months and cost with caddie.
I would appreciate any replies. thank you


Hey back, I’m a newbie too. I am not sure where Breezes is I think it isn’t far from the Puerto Plata airport? I don’t know. I am familiar with Playa Grande, the actual playa(beach) I don’t golf. The golf course is magnificent though. Anyway sorry for rambling. Play Grande is approximately 90 minutes from the airport. You can wait to book a tee time when you get there, I know people that did and had no problem. If I remember correctly I heard it was between 90 and 120 US$. The last time I was there was May 2006. Estoy muy celosa/I am very jealous. I can’t wait to go back. I hope you have a wonderful vacation. If you happen to go to the Playa at Playa Grande say Hi to Betina the woman who does braids on the beach. Tell her Pamela says hola. Be well.


hi just anote also going to breezes and want to play playa grande. this is what i found out hope it helps. if you go to dr1.com there message board has picture of taxi rates from airport . $25 to breezes $ 100 to playa grande my guess $75us also has site you can go to ,to see prices of all course in dr. playa grande $110 plus caddy i think $15.you also can try playagrande.com. not sure when I’m going due to passport cond (waiting)me and 355,000 other people but will be in feb possible earlier.


Thanks for all your replys.When I return I’ll be writing some reviews.


All i can say is PLAY Laya Grande Golf Course it is magnificent and don’t forget your camera. I played there in July 2006 with a couple of expats who picked me up at the Gran Ventana so it didn’t cost to get there and the course cost me approx $100 US.
Once again you will enjoy the course just beware the 7th par3 over water and into a (usually) stiff breeze a real tester.


waltec, I haven’t been there since last February so I can’t comment on current prices. dingdongdenny’s prices seemed about right.
However, I did play every day and the course was never crowded.
By all means get yourself to Playa Grande. When the course is private next year, we’ll all be out in the cold. Whatever the cost, play there and enjoy!


Is Playa Grande Golf still open?

Is Occidental Allegro Playa Grande hotel still open?

No current or future bookings online. My travel agent came up empty.
With the changeover to a private development there is the possibility that the place is now closed.

Does anyone have any current information?


contact is lliliany gomez reservation coordinator,igomez@playagrande.com.tel 809-582-0860 ext 32,fax 809-582-9884. as per playagrande.com. might be a 5 or 10 dollar call but might be worth it