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Playa naco gone?


i have been looking on all the internet sites and none are offering playa naco. is the name changed, or is it closed for renovations or what?


I believe it’s now called ‘Celuisma Paraiso Puerto Plata’. This information came from Hlywud.
I don’t see anyone offering it either.
IMHO, it’s not a name that would inspire me to stay there.
I have no idea what it means - it baffled my online translator too.


so they changed the name but it still isnt being offered by anyone? maybe they need to change the name again.


That thought crossed my mind when I made the post … ;D


Also called Tropical Playa Dorada (by Sunwing).

Available from Canada through (rating follows tour operator name):

Air Transat Holidays 3*

Conquest Vacations 3+*

Signature Vacations 3+*

Nolitours 3*

Tours Mont Royal 3+*

Sunwing Silver Sun



Much nicer name …