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Playa pesquero

Thinking of going to this resort in Feb and was wondering if anyone has been there recently? How is it and would it be a good choice for a getaway?

Hi…I’ve been there end of September, beg, of October-I loved this resort and it was my first time in Cuba. We were very few as it was 2 weeks after the huricane. I know a couple who was there in December and they had rain for most of the week but that has nothing to do with the resort of course. It is a family resort and it is the jewel of Castro as this resort belongs to the army or something like that and they really worked fast to bring the hotel to acceptable conditions after the storm.
Don’t forget to visit the Beer Garden-it is an awesome place to have some beers and eat too! excellent staff! Adios amiga and report back. ;D

Rosibal, or anyone else who would like to comment,
Thanks for posting a comment on Playa Pesquero. sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. Would you go back to this resort? We are just concerned because the last few postings on Debbies Cuba Resort Reviews are quite negative, for this resort. Do you agree with the comments that people posted? they are saying that it’s at it’s best a 3 to 4 * would you agree with that statement or would you consider this resort to be a 4.5 * or greater? Anyway we appreciate you taking the time to write to help us. It will be our first time in that part of Cuba, we where really attached to Cayo Coco for it’s beach and quality resorts. thanks

ald1: what exactly are your expectations? What would make it a 4.5* for you?! I have heard many comments about the quality of the food going downhill over the last couple of years, is that something important to you? I’m hoping recent returnees will comment on this thread!

rosibal: you are correct: the Gaviota company is a branch of the Cuban armed forces (weird, I know), and it runs Playa Pesquero (as well as other hotels and tour companies).


If it’s only the food going downhill for this resort, We can live with that!
the only reason we are looking at this resort is because friends of ours already booked their stay in February 2009 and although we really want to join them, we wanted to know if it is really as bad as travellers have posted on the resort reviews dated april 2008.

To us, as long as the rooms are clean, and everything is as described in the publications and pictures posted are accurate.

We are simply concerned as the last few comments posted on the resort reviews for the Playa Pasquero are VERY NEGATIVE.

I sure hope that recent returnees will comment on this thread and post a resort review.

We are not in any rush to purchase our tickets!

If your friends are going there maybe you want to check out the Playa Costa Verde which is right beside the Pesquero. I find that the pesquero is too big and if a lot of people travel than that resort can accomodate a lot more than it’s neighbour. We love the Playa Costa Verde and will be going back in March/April for our 5th visit…also the Blau beside this resort is also nice and reasonably priced

thanks for tip on the Playa Costa Verde. Do you really think that we will be able to enter the playa Pesquero while staying at the PCV even though we are not guests or vice versa our Friends come to visit us at the Playa Costa Verde?
I don’t think we just want to meet up on the beach with them :-/

My daughter has been 3 times to PP and last year they had a ball and still said the food was excellent. A good friend of mine came back from PCV 3 weeks ago - he’s been 5 years in a row and was on his free 6th trip. He says that it has lost a star due to Ike. Be aware that there is hardly any vegetation left at PP and PCV . They are working hard and the staff are bending over backwards to please everyone. He still had a good time but couldn’t help but notice the change since the hurricane. I’m really not sure that you will be able to enter PP if you’re a guest at PCV or the other way round unless you pay for a half day pass or something like that. You can, however meet on the beach. We were at the PCV last January and enjoyed it but the quality of food and the variety can’t match PP. I haven’t seen many deals or even mention of PP this year in the newspapers but PCV is advertising a lot. Hope this helps

yes that info helps and makes us feel a little more comfortable to know that the PP is not all that bad.
Still can’t wait to see some recent reviews early in the new year.
oh!btw, great shots of PCV on webshots.com.

I just read some of the reviews on TA about PP and there is a mixed bag. Some are very negative and some are glowing. Some reviewers sound as if nothing would please them at all I usually try to read in the middle :). Seems there’s lots of bugs so bring your DEET. .
I think the living conditions at the moment in Holguin are very bad. I’ve been told that there is a great lack of food in Cuba due to the hurricanes - and probably just mis-management - and the citizens are feeling the frustration of not having enough to eat for themselves. In particular, fruit and veggies are at an all time low until the crops get going again. Resorts are supposed to get the best, first - so anyone at a resort has it a LOT better than the Cubans. Also, hundreds of houses along the route from the Airport to Guadalavaca have no roofs and are still lacking basics like electricity and water. Hundreds of resort workers are still waiting to be called back to work…so people who are working are doing so under a lot of pressure and discontent at home. I would go to Holguin just to help keep the ecoonomy going. Food might not be as plentiful but the sun and the sea would still do me the world of good…and to see a Cuban smile because I tipped or helped out with supplies they might need would give me lots of satisfaction… Of course, if you’ve worked hard for this vacation and are looking forward to an excellent vacation - maybe another area of Cuba would be more to your liking.

Well said seachick1
I know they are trying their level best to make everthing as wonderful as the tourists imagine.
There are limits. I for one can’t wait to see their smiling faces and their spirits still gleaming (although I know it is heart wrenching for them day after day to keep going) Es cuba .
I could only hope somedays I had enough spirit. Having said this it is a holiday and they will make the best of it for you.

thanks for the followup reply. We will make sure to pack extra for the locals to help out!
still waiting for a better deal on the travel sites. :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile: ;D