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Please help us with Negril area!

Our friend has is getting married at Sandals Nergril which I believe is couples only. Well one of us can not go to the wedding so DH will have to sacrifice and go for the boh of us. We need a resort or place where he can stay close by Sandals to attend the wedding and hang around the others for the week. Please we know nothing about the Negril area of Jamaica. Thank you in advance.

Here is an interactice map of the Negril area


You gotta love interactive maps, it helps to see where places are located, if he doesn’t plan on staying at his own resort a lot and just walking down the beach to where everyone else is he should take that in to consideration when he picks where he stays.

I don’t know how many of those places offer/dont offer all inclusive. But he should think of what he wants his budget to consist of when planning his trip. If he doesn’t intent on spending time at his own place he should consider and EP, but HECK its Jamaica and he should enjoy every speck of it he possibly can. It is really unfortunate you can’t break away and go with it would be wonderful for you both!

Although I haven’t been to that side of the Island I hear I am missig out on the beauty of it, I have friends that won’t go any where else.

hope this helps!

Thanks for the map. Now am I pushing it if I ask someone where the Sandals is approximately. We have never thought about Jamaica. We just came back from Mexico last month and I have started a new job, therefore can not go.

where it is in jamaica in proximity to what? ??? I am confused Here is another map


look around trip advisor, people can give you some good insight.

Going to mexico myself in a few weeks, staying on cozumel, can’t wait, 2nd year in a row! Love it there!

Hope this helps a little better

Sorry for the confusion. The map of the negril area, the link you provided, does not have the couples negril on it. I was wondering where about it is located so we can see what other choices are in the area. Hope that clears things up. Have a wonderful holiday. We were going to take the ferry over to Cozumel but never found the time so will have to make another trip to Mexico.

Two girlfriends of mine stayed at the Seastar Inn over Xmas / New Year’s, and they found a pinhole camera in their room, behind a clock on the wall (SICK). They left the property and contacted a couple of the local police nearby. The police said that the owner of the Seastar Inn (Chris) was a good friend of theirs and they would ask him about it but that no investigation would be necessary. The police also told my friends that Chris had been involved with a Jamaican girls webcam studio in the house he rented on the property next to the Seastar Inn, and ran it with his Webmaster and another fellow from Canada, but that the business was now finished. After all this, my friends reported the Seastar Inn to the Negril Resort Association. All 3 of us were supposed to go to the Seastar for Spring Break, but NO WAY are we we now. It’s creepy. I feel sorry for anyone that’s been taken advantage of in such a sick and perverted way.

The first resort that you will see as you enter into Negril is RUI Tropical Palace, Sunset At The Palms, RUI Negril, Couples Negril and Grand Lido. All of which share the same beach located on Bloody Bay. These are all located within walking distance of the Negril Airport. As you round the corner you have Point Village, Hedonism ll and onto to 7 Mile Beach where there is a host of resorts. From one end to the other you are probably talking a 15 minute ride depending on traffic.

You can get a real feel of the area if you use Google Earth. You can take a virtual ride over the area.