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Plugs? & Mosquito's

Hi All,

Im travelling to the Dominican on the 29th i am staying in Bravaro and was wondering do i need any mosquito repellent? I dont usually get bitten and also i am from the UK and not sure what type of plug i have to bring.

Any ideas? x

Better to have it and not need it (the repellant that is).

As for plugs, you have two issues. There’s the mechanical issue of the socket/plug and for you there’s the issue of ‘their’ 110/120 volt system versus ‘your’ 220/240 volt system. We have a pretty comprehensive discussion in our FAQ. I wrote it.

Thanks, just had a little look at that x

Hi, as a fellow UK’er I can say I use an adapter plug and recharge my mobile phone and camera every time without too much trouble, sometimes it takes a little longer than in the UK but it gets done. However I have been told that hair gadgets, tongs, straighteners etc do not get up to temperature, some rooms have driers but no more. I have got a travel straightener purchased from Avon that supposedly works on both voltages but I haven’t tried them yet.

Regarding repellant, that depends if you normally get bitten, personally I know I’m A la Carte for anything that flies jumps or crawls where ever I go and I have yet to find anything that deters the little b##gers. Lots of suggestions in this site if you look around.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

Thanks for the advice - I hadn’t thought about these. Too busy with Christmas.

Thanks for that Amandalou is it just a USA typr adapter that i need to get?

Thats right the best adapter I have found was in Matalans but they can be purchased in many places. You are looking for one with two flat pins, if they are circular they are for Europe, USA/Canada are the ones you need and they usually say suitable for the Caribbean.

Cheers Amandalou :-*