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Popcorn machine at Majestic Colonial?

Does anyone know if Majestic has a popcorn machine? My husband wants to know :slight_smile: lol

Yum Yum…Popcorn…Great question…

Is there a machine at the Melia???

There wasn’t one when we were there last year. Maybe they have since added one( ?)

No Popcorn at the Majestic…just got back last night from 7 great and wonderful nights.

I had wished they also had an ice cream ‘bar’ down near the beach for the kids…but other than that we all had a fabulous time!!


Welcome home vdp!!!
Glad to hear you had a fabulous time…looking forward to your review… :slight_smile:
Oh well just thought we would ask as it was a nice gesture at Catalonia (popcorn machine and also the soft ice cream machine) Oh well…how was the food and weather???
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

The weather was not ideal…we arrived on Wed Nov 19 and it was great- hot and humid…Thur started great sunny and all …by about 2 pm or so started to get sun showers which turned into darker skies showers…Friday we woke to heavy rains ( and heavy winds) that lasted until 10 or so …then hurried to the beach untuil the rains returned mid/late afternoon. From Sat on the massive winds, rain and winds begin to subside, each day until perfection was once again seen on Tuesday, the day before we were to leave…that said, We spend time on the beach AND in the ocean EVERY day that we were there…So I can say it wasn’t a total wash out!!! In fact my wife like laying on the beach a couple of days with the clouds as she didn’t have to concern herself with lathering up our girls with sunscreen!!!

We had a great time

Give my a couple of days and I’ll try to get some photos posted …