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Post something!


OK 9 more days til I leave and I want to see more Panama posts. I can’t believe how quiet the board has been lately. :frowning: I have never been to Cuba but I am about to post there just to get some replies ;D- there is always someone posting there.
Post about anything- the music, the people, the beach, the shows. I just want to see MORE!!! :smiley:
What can I ask now? HM :-/
OK- Here are some questions
1- What was your favorite show?
2- Ever participated in the shows or activities? (I am sure we have a former Miss Decameron lurking somewhere.)
3- What is your favorite dance? Salsa, merangue, bachata or some of the group dances?
4- What is your favorite drink at Decameron?
Come on, I am getting excited and want to talk about Panama and Decameron :sunglasses:



Ok, here something for you!
Bring back a list of wonderful cocktails that you managed to sample, cause i’ll be there in a few months and will plan on sampling them myself! Actually never know what to ask for half the time and end up pointing at other peoples and trying those :slight_smile:
Also, do you know if there is a need for any Canadian products that i could be bringing with me? I usually leave a couple u.s. dollars but sometimes like to leave little gifts also, something that they wouldn’t see that often…
okay, and how about raising 16 yr olds??? i have one for sale!!! lol just kidding


Other than size, how does the Decameron compare to the Grand Playa Blanca? I’m worried that the Decameron is too large for our liking as we’re going in Feb and it’s likely to be pretty full.


Lola: Are you already booked? We are considering returning there for our winter trip and we were considering going in February this time. The Decameron is much larger than the Grand Playa Blanca (formerly the Barcelo).

Veronica: Rather than post anything I would rather be going back when you are! ;D Definitely need to go back and get ‘my fix’.

Lynnb: Funny that you mentioned about bringing back a list of drinks, because last time we were there I decided that I would try them all. I am not sure if I actually got through them all. I should take a look at my pictures, I thought I took a picture of the drink board. I know I liked the Pina Coladas. Last trip I pretty well stuck with Creme de Cocoa con leche (with milk).



Lynnb: I can already post and tell you a couple of my favorites from previous trips- 1-Moreno ardiente, 2) Sexo en la playa, 3) Pink lady and the old standard 4)Rum, coke light & a lime. (Oops forgot the basic ice cold cerveza) Although honestly, I am not much of a drinker especially during the day because I like to play volleyball and dance so I usually have a drink or two after dinner at the show or karioke.
As far as taking items, I never really took anything with me to give away except to my friends that I stay with in Panama City. The last couple of times I have taken some gifts to the guys at the resort that I keep in touch with. Also on my last two trips, I have left a little bottle of lotion or some candy with my tip for the maid. I have to say that I have always been treated good at Decameron whether I tip (or leave gifts) or not.
lola- I have never been to Grand Playa Blanca so I can’t really give you an informed answer. I will say my last trip to Decameron was in Feb (of course was my first after the new section opened.) and it was definately the busiest and most crowded I have ever seen it.
Bebbie- I am definately looking forward to “my fix”. Can’t wait!!! (I too took a picture of the drink board so we could try to make the moreno ardiente at home- we tried and it definately did not taste near as good).



The banana boat ride was one of the highlights of both of our trips to the Decameron. (Note I said ‘one’ of the highlights.) I couldn’t stop laughing which is a bad thing because of the amount of salt water you can ingest. It’s worth it though.



I have never tried the banana boat. I know next year when my sister and her husband come with us, we will definatly try it. I think it would be more fun if you know more people on the boat.



I must agree with you in regards to it would be more fun if you knew people on the ride. :-*

Each time we went on it, there was no one else but who we travelled with.

If we go back this winter it looks like it will be just my husband and I. I don’t know if I would really want to go on it with anybody else. I am not a strong swimmer, so I would hate to get on it with some people who WANT to be dumped. First dumping scared the heck out of me as I was not prepared…we had JUST taken off. :o

One piece of advice…especially if you have to sit in the very front - wear goggles. The salt water stings the eyes.

Bebbie :sunglasses:


OK, I am going to admit my embarrassing moment of participation in a show. It was at the end of the show called A Sailors Fantasy and the dancers came out in the audience to get people to dance with them. The short strong dancer came and found me and I was fine with a little dancing- that was until he decided to pick me up and spin me around. Now I am what some may consider a big girl (not skinny but not grande), so I was definately surprised but thats not the worst. He picked the night I wore this cute little skirt and when he flipped me around, I shared my lemon panties with the whole audience. I didn’t think I would ever get over it, but I did (although you won’t catch me following him up on stage anymore- at least not in a skirt :wink: .)
OK anyone else got a story.



That is hilarious. I caught myself laughing out loud at that story.

You are a sport Veronica. Wonder if anyone caught that on video? :-*



Actually we made friends with some people from Argentina and they were sitting right behind us. THey told my husband that they got it on video if we wanted a copy but I passed. I was afraid they had to use the WIDE lens. :slight_smile:



??? I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want a copy. ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you stay strictly at the resort when you go?

Ever venture out on a tour or into the nearby village?

Are your friends (from Panama) going to be at the resort too?



Well, we had already been to Panama about 4 or 5 times before we discovered the resort. On all of those trips and even on some since then, we went to other areas of Panama. We always stay with my friends in Panama City for a few days and then depending on what we feel like doing is where we head. Lately we have found that we enjoy just relaxing at the resort but I do like other parts of Panama and there a some areas that I have never been to that I want to try (I am hoping that we will visit Bocas next year when we go with my sister and her husband.) My good friends parents live in a town called Aguadulce so sometimes we go there for a day or two and make a stop in El Valle on the way (more family live there) so we really can do what ever we want. We have never done a tour from the hotel but our friends have taken us many places and will take us anywhere we would like to go if possible.
This trip we will stay in Panama City for 4 days then spend the rest of the time at the resort. My friends will come over on the weekends (they work during the week) and stay with us. It works out good that way. (I don’t like to put to much pressure on them that they have to take care of us).


Oh my…only three more days! :o

How convenient/nice that you have locals to show you around.

Living in a tourist’s town here I know what to avoid and what to see. Same goes when you are visiting in Panama I imagine.

I try to stress to people when visiting Panama, that they have to see the ‘canal’. Only because it’s something that I believe the majority of us have learnt about in school. And it’s something to see. Regardless if you have already seen one. It’s just not the same.