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Potentially harmful rumours

There was a recent thread- now locked- which suggested that Canada’s largest tour operator might be in financial difficulties. I would caution forum members to check sources before posting that type of information. A friend of mine, who works for the tour operation mentioned, tells me that they have been inundated with calls and e-mails. If people get scared by rumours, they can become self fulfilling prophecies…
At this time, I would like to share this link with forum members. You can get a free subscription, either on line or by e-mail.

This is the premier trade publication in the tourism industry in Canada and a very good source of -verified- news.
Ironically, a few weeks ago, they published a long article which stated that the tour operator in question had posted unheard of revenue in these tough economic times.
Let me add a disclaimer: while I work in the travel industry, I do not work for a tour operator…

Thank you for the link. I will sign up. One can never have too much information. :slight_smile:

This will be a great reference when rumours come up. I’ll book mark it! Thanks!

dito …Book marked

I am new to this forum, but I am well very well versed in various topics. In the short time I have been a member here, I have found this site to be helpful. Having said that, for someone to come on here and discredit an organization without merit is shameful. I for one, would be in favour of banning all such rumors from this very respected forum.

Thanks to MamaBelgium for posting the link and also her opinion.

I read the posting about the possible financial problem of the tour operator the morning after I booked with that very tour operator, so I was upset. To be honest, I would not have booked had I read the rumour a day earlier, so MamaBelgium is quite correct in saying that a rumour can end up being a self fulfilling prophecy. If everyone who read or heard the rumour decided to avoid the company in question, then that company would soon be in financial difficulty for sure. I don’t know if the company is or is not in trouble (sure hope not), but I did as much research online as I could after I read the posting, and was reassured by several articles I found. It was then that I realized how harmful a false rumour could be.

However, I also appreciate the fact that this rumour was posted in the first place as I like to be informed of things that matter to me. I feel that the original posting was done in a sincere way with the goal of advising others of what might be happening. I think perhaps it was the title of the posting that tended to be misleading. I think it is good suggestion to back up any posting by stating the source of information ( which the original poster did).

Anyway, just my two cents worth - basically I am sitting on the fence on this topic in that I am not totally against rumours related to Cuba travel being posted on this forum.

This site has a reputation of reliable information, and there what people read here is taken to heart . Therefore we must be careful of furthering rumors which will hurt that reputation… I think if you do not know it to be true then it should not be posted.

That’s one of the good things about this site, false information is put to task very quickly, and then corrected just as fast !


Hi Everyone.
I’m the one that started the post.

My post was not to spread the rumor but rather to hear if anyone had heard the same thing as me. At first when i heard it i was shocked! We had just booked with this tour company and I was afraid that i was going to loose my hard earned money. The reason this forum exist is to inform and help travelers with their questions. The knowledge that this forum provides is unmeasurable as the input of every member is so beneficial to new travelers. I have been a member of Debbie’s since 2004 and these forums have put my mind at ease many many times. I took my last trip with the tour company in question and it was the best vacation that I ever had and thats why I booked again with this tour company.
I would like to thank everybody who responded to my thread with their opinions and ideas and as always your input was truly appreciated.


With the economy like this every tour operators, air lines, hotel resorts are in trouble. To book a week before your departure to minimize your risk.

Hi all,
We all love our vacations and the wonderful times we have …
So, blabbing about what we experience, whining about food and service, kvetching about our problems and speculating about our airlines going belly-up is what we do at Debbies forums, too.

A quick response from members in the know is how all this info is parsed.

I, too, checked out the travelweek.ca link posted and found the glowing press about Sunwing making lots of money while the speculation was about potential buyers. All, the same time as a series of very expensive Sunwing banner ads played across the top of the page.

No bias here? Eh?

I joined Travelweek.ca, anyway; Just for the workshop on how to tell an Economy Passenger that they have the “Best Seats” when they don’t. (It’s easy to join and partake in this B***S*** for free)

I think “Real and Rumour” get sorted out really quickly on Debbies’ without " industry insiders ".

Hooray for us!

Thanks M.B.,
As we are travelling with the “operator” in question at the end of Feb., your posting puts our minds even more at ease.
Figured it was just a bad rumour, but the more positives you read, the better you feel!
Thanks again. :smiley:

Well, Spunky, I really was not trying to throw around my knowledge as an “industry insider”. Let me point out that I don’t work for Travelweek either, so I really have no vested interest.
I was just sharing a link which- for the past 20 years, I have personally found to be reliable.
That is what this forum is all about.
No need to be hostile. Forum members will read the information and draw their own conclusions.