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Pottery in Cuba

I enjoy potting…& no in this case I am not referring to smoking but making pottery. I have yet to find any local pottery studios or establishments that have local potters or pottery. There is imported china trinkets…not what I am looking for so…in your travels …Have you come across any local pottery artisans?

Is there not a pottery place right on the main drag in Varadero? I didn’t go in, but I think I took a photo of the outside, as it had a huge pot on the front lawn, just like the lobster place has a lobster, and another place has a tube of paint on theirs! Since I will have free reign this time, I plan on popping into a lot more places than I did last time.

it has been a long time since I have been in Varadero. Most of our current travels have been to Holguin area.

Ah…I’ll have to go through my pictures when I get home, but I’m pretty sure there was a place. I only ever really saw wooden things (carvings, bowls, mugs) for sale at the market and at the beach, no actual pottery.

Canuks: got a pot in Chivirico done by the original potter. His molds weren’t exceptional but he did have his kiln in the home. Wherever you go next, why not just ask the artistes how they do it? Do they have a studio? Can you visit? Can’t answer to Holguin but surely the vendors would be able to tell you.

thanks …good suggestion and I have tried. but with minimal success so far. so every so often I throw the question out there and hope someone has a gem to share.

Although I haven’t been to Holguin in many years. I can remember going there on a tour (my first time in Cuba) and visiting a doll, guitar and a pottery workshop (all different locations of course). I was even allowed to try out the wheel and throw some clay. I have no idea if it still exists as this was about 14 years ago.

Hummmm… any pictures? to help me start the hunt?

[a href=“http://”]http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1243&dat=19810430&id=uF0zAAAAIBAJ&sjid=EPcDAAAAIBAJ&pg=3374,5876506[/a]

oops i posted this before Iwas ready

SO Cool …THANK YOU!!! I am going to turn to you for ALL my research.