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PP marriage certificate - Will it ever arrive?


I was married at PP on 05th October, so just coming up fir 5 months ago… I have not had my certificate as yet. I e-mailed Yaly but have had no responce, chances are they are not happy with me as I put in a formal complaint and recieved compensation.

I also contacted my travel agent and they have advised me that they wont chase it up until 8 months have past!!

I just want to change my name… Im gutted!


That’s not good!! I don’t have any experience of your hotel, but I would try e-mailing your wedding coordinator again to see if you get a reply this time. It could just be that she has been busy and hasn’t gotten around to replying…

Good luck and keep us posted!!


Hi emmalou1982

I’m sorry to hear your certificate has not arrived. ??? I was also married at PP in Dec 05. I received my certificate 6 months later. :frowning:

I e-mailed Katherine on a number of occasions, fotrunately she did her best to keep me updated. I can only suggest you e-mail Yaly again, expressing your concerns and take it from there.

Good luck I hope it arrives soon

Antha :wink: