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We have never been to Cuba and are planning on going this January/February. Can anyone give me and update on PRDO as this is where we wanted to stay. Any information would be appreciated.

I just thought I’d bump this up for you as I am curious myself as to the progress.
If I’m not mistaken they weren’t going to be taking guests until November so I don’t think anyone has been there to report back. But that may have changed.

The PRDO just reopened Monday (Oct 27th), and the first group of guests are a plane load of Brits that landed yesterday…

I suspect it will be a few weeks still until we hear how the PRDO has faired!


One of the Managers at this resort sent photos to her dist list of the repairs that they made at the PRDO it looks like the got the place pretty much back to normal. they must have worked non stop to get it opened again.