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Pre and post trip must do's


i have a few pre trip things that i do - how about you?
I buy a new bathing suit, book, and get a mani-pedi.
i also have a few post trip things - appreciate my toilet seat and toliet paper, bring home 2 bottles of rum and then start saving for my next cuba trip.


I like you book the mani/pedi usually the night before. We have a girl here locally that comes to your home and does them…devine.

Bathing suits…I have a load as I buy, buy, buy when they are on sale @ lands End and I just hope and pray that they will fit from year to year. I still have 10 new ones. :slight_smile:

I hear you on the toilet paper. LOL

I dump the contents of the suitcases on the deck and start the washer, get it all done the return day then pack it all away for next year. Unless…a second trip pops up :slight_smile:

I save as well, $25 per week have done that for the last 15 years, that way I know it’s there when I’m ready so I never have to say…I don’t have the extra cash this year. :slight_smile: Then I start looking and waiting for them to post the newer prices then I pounce which is what I did in June. Got our resort for cheaper than we paid in April 2012. The price is now $ 350 more than we paid.

Always bring home some sort of Cuban drinkie. :slight_smile:


Pre-trip: stock up on useful items to give AND make sure they all fit into the suitcase (diapers sure take up alot of room ;D)

Always on the lookout for new swimwear (actually found one online that fit, if u can believe it), pareo AND SPF 30 on sale.

Another pre-trip essential: workout the 11 months before I leave so I don’t feel guilty about overeating/drinking, can I have a Hello on that! Gotta look good playin’ volley… yes, even if I could be their mother ::slight_smile:

Post trip, as early as I can, I try to go through our gazillion photos and get an album going, along with sharing our pics with other members of our group.
write back to our Cuban friends to thank them and send muchos besos! :wink:
Oh yeah… and laundry snif snif. Speaking of snif, dontcha all feel nostalgic when smelling the clothes that come out of the suitcase all smelling of sand and suntan lotion? :’(


Book 10-15 tanning sessions
Start picking up a few magazines/books
Few snacks(chips, candy, peanuts) that I can’t get in Cuba
Usually pick up a few new shirts/shorts/trunks/sandals
Start working out and eating better 30 days before or so…lol

Usually take a weekend trip to the USA to pick up all this stuff as way cheaper there especially for toiletries, sunscreen etc


Start looking for the next deal!.. :sunglasses:


My life is a pre-trip. I am always on the look out for donations at Value Village, Sally Ann, etc, my coworkers donate kids’ clothes, I shop at warehouse sales, use my Shoppers Points for vitamins, Tylenol, yadda yadda. The biggest thing I do before a trip is get my camera ready and clear my SD card for all the pics!


Pre-trip. Check camera and snorkling equipment, check first aid box, tool kit, insulated mugs, sun glasses, sunscreen, check passports, insurance etc, arrange a cat sitter, get a couple of books and round up some suitable clothes.


get the mugs, tanning, first aid kit , go crazy waiting.
also , dry out the liver for a day or two.
Funny, I never worry about bathing suits ??? ;D


I’m into pre trip not long after we get home. In the past couple of years, winter rates have been coming out earlier and earlier. Gone are the days when we booked in Aug- early Sep; now it’s late May - early June. Booking 8 months prior gives me lots of planning time.
I have created a master packing list that I’ve tweaked over the years and it really makes organizing easy.
At the end of summer, I sort out our Cuba clothes, press them and hang them up in the “Cuba” closet all ready to pop into the suitcases. It gives me a chance to see what items we need to replace.
When I see high SPF sunscreens on sale, I snap them up. Choice tends to be more limited in the winter and few sales.
When I’m doing laundry, any coins found in pant pockets go into a coin sorter and this money builds up over the year. Right now it’s at $287 with 2 months to go (I love Loonies and Toonies ;D). This money easily covers the cost of our overnight trip to Havana (taxi, casa, meals) so it’s like gravy for our savings.
Like eloisegirl, I always have my eyes open for deals on items that I think will come in handy for our friends.
Post trip - make notes of do’s and don’ts for next trip; upload all our photos and videos to the computer and relive our trip :slight_smile:
Oh, I should add that the main thing we start doing, pre trip, is start our monthly deposits into our trip savings account. We start this the first payday following our return home from the last trip.


My list is way too simple:

Start checking prices 3 times/day a month prior to departure
(that’s up from once per day all year)
Pull the trigger and buy when it feels right
Watch prices go up and gloat or (very rarely) go down and cry
Stuff a few summer clothes and bubba in suitcase the night before
Go to the airport and see crazy people in shorts and flipflops in the middle of winter in Toronto
Return with rum & honey
Repeat with step #1

For me, half the joy of the vacation is finding an amazing bargoon. Rum tastes so much better when it’s cheaper. We are in the envious position of being an hour from London & Toronto, half an hour from Kitchener or Hamilton or 90 min from Buffalo. I’ve flown out of all of them but for Cuba, the only great deals are YYZ, by a long way.


LOL ‘Cuba Closet’, I’ve got one of those ;D

Financial planning is a must for us, if we want to travel more than once a year, plus cottage 2 weeks, plus kids’ tuition… it all adds up. So we also start putting our pennies aside… along with leftover CUCs from last trip.


;D ;D ;D…I wish. I pack at least 4 times before I get it just right (weight, that is) ::slight_smile:


I’m weighing stuff for 3 days before. … and we have about 150 pounds of allowance, LOL


:o :o :o :o wow. 1 pair of pants, one pair of shorts, a few tops and a handful of underwear, a bag of first aid/bathroom essentials and the bubba. That’s it for me (apart from what we wear on the flight) . 30 lbs for the 2 of us plus 2 small carry-ons in case the luggage goes missing.

I did a lot of research prior to our 18 days in Italy. We had almost the same things, except we had to take windbreakers plus coats. Seasoned travelers fit everything into one carry-on that doubles as a backpack. We tried to make that work but I wanted to have a sports coat for evening dinners (I was told Italians dressed up :stuck_out_tongue: :P). Bought one, packed one, carried it for 18 days and over a thousand miles - never wore it once. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: Lesson learned.


I wish we’d bought from Tilley’s years ago: http://www.tilley.com/
My stuff really only needs a couple of pairs of shorts, a couple of superlite shirts. My hat fits a pair of pants and a couple of shirts but…
We like to dress up a bit for romantic evenings.

When we get home we freeze the bags before we let any little buggers in the house.

We have a list too. Maybe a sticky with a master list? Good idea!!


Last trip my actual clothes took up about 1/5 of the suitcase, the other 3/5 were baby clothes, baby and maternity meds and diapers. The latter weigh next to nothing but geez Louise, they reminded me of our humungous maxipads of yore ::slight_smile:

One fourth was reserved for our amiga’s wedding present (a set of fancy sheets) and special gifts for the family… so we ended up divi-ing the gifts into 2 suitcases. Thankfully, they each weighed in at just under 20K at the airport. Hallaloo :slight_smile:


“geez Louise” … I Love it, Thanks Zen…
Without starting a gift/tip thread, I agree with all about bringing stuff to people we care about.


With Air Canada Executive Class, we have a total of 368 lbs (checked and carry on) but we come no where near that max :P. My stress is making sure each individual bag comes in under the max allowed weight per checked bag (70 lbs) which is a regulated weight for baggage handlers. Then making sure the carry ons come in under or close to the max allowances. We go for two weeks and don’t live in bathing suits and flip flops and like to dress up at night so, having the allowance, we take advantage of it.
By the way, I tried out a new packing method, last trip, that I was quite happy with and will use again. There’s a packing method on Youtube that I modified for our checked duffle bags. Because the bags are larger than the carry on bag, in the demo, I used the same format but made two budles to fit into the checked bags. Worked like a charm and the bonus was everything came out of the bags and straight into the closet. No wrinkles. I had ironed everything prior to packing.
Here’s the site, if you are interested:


Pretty sweet packing!!! I only go for a week but I do love my compression bags. I can place everything I need in one large one, all ironed, the bag is huge and full, I push the air out and it’s down to less than half what it was. I do the same for my hubby. All our stuff is laying nice and flat then I have all the rest of the space for my gifts for my friends at my favorite resort. :slight_smile:


I thought I was pretty old … but what’s this ‘iron’ thing all about?? ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: The iron age was a long time ago.

You’re on holidays. Most people at the resort are either inebriated or trying to get there and you’re worried about looking good?? ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

OK, it’s Friday afternoon and it’s snowing outside. It’s just a joke … (maybe not). ;D ;D ;D ;D

Steffie, my wife and I together weigh less than your baggage allowance and you’d still have room for your underwear and bikini. Can we climb into your suitcases next time you’re going to Cuba?


[quote=@sunlover]… I push the air out and it’s down to less than half what it was. I do the same for my hubby… :slight_smile:

Does he put up much resistance?