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Prebooking seats on SkyService

I will be travelling with a group of 13 in March, 5 of whom are children to the Breezes Bella Costa March 7th. If we prebook our seats it will get rather costly. Is there anyone out there that has travelled with a bit of a larger group and NOT prebooked? Did you have problems being seated together on the plane? We are hoping to arrive really early to get seats together. Do you think that would make a difference? With the flights going to Cuda well I guess mainly SkyService, the planes are not that big so it may be an issue getting seats together. Please let me know your thoughts.

That’s a chunk of cash to pay out just to sit together on a short (?) flight. Obviously, if everyone prebooks, you won’t be together at all, but how likely is that, and how much does it really matter to you? Often people will happily change as long as you will take their middle seat.

I think coming home from Cuba, you will have even less of a chance to sit together.

We flew skyservice out of Toronto with two small kids and when we got to check in, about 2 hours prior to departure, we were seated together. The lady said because we are travelling with children they had prebooked us all together. We did not have a choice left about where to sit, but they were 4 seats in a row.

So if you are concerned that the kids do not have to sit alone, the airline should book them together with their parents. As for 13 of you ‘needing’ to sit together, I agree with westwoman, who cares, you’ll have a whole week (?) together at the hotel.

how much is it to prebook…$15??? iof it’s important to you …don’t sound to bad :slight_smile:

That’s $15 times 13 people = $195 times 2 (both ways) - $390. Sounds like quite a bit to me.

You could just pre-book the kids so that they sit together,or put they youngest ones next to an adult…As long as you have the people youre worried about taken care of, I wouldnt worry about where everyone else sits.

If only one person pays for everyone else, it is costly. But if you figure $30 per person in relation to the cost of the trip, then it’s not so bad, and it will mean not having to get to the airport quite as early, which might be an important consideration for some people when travelling with young children.


We, a group of nine, just got back from Cayo Largo via SkyService and sat together down and back. The plane was an Airbus A-310 (I think) configured six across with an aisle in the middle. We arrived early enough at the airport so they could accomodate us. There were no kids, though.

That said, it was without question the most uncomfortable flight I have ever had. There is no legroom at all–and I am of average height–and I felt sorry for anyone over 6 feet.

My husband and I travel just with the 2 of us and we prebook our seats. That is part of our vacation. I wouldn’t want to sit alone on the flight. I think for peace of mind it would be worth it, especially if I was traveling with children.

suntan, are you concerned that the kids don’t sit by themselves, or do you want your entire party to sit together?

If you want the entire group together then you have no choice but to pre-book. It’s only fair.

If you want kids sitting with at least one parent, then I’m sure the airline will accommodate if you check in early.

I was hoping that we could all sit together. The cost of prebooking is holding us back as almost $400 can pay for a couple trips when we are there. I’m sure they will accommodate the kids sitting with a parent. The thought is that it would be fun to sit with everyone.

I think we may just show up at the airport really early. I was just wondering what luck others have had,

Soleil, how early did you arrive at the airport to get your party of nine together, also how did you pull this off comming back as everyone arrives on the same bus?

Flight was scheduled for 4:40pm and we arrived around 1:15pm.

If alot of people on your flight have pre-booked their seats, especially if there are any other large groups who pre-booked, then getting to the airport early may not matter. If many seats are pre-booked then the availability just wont be there...If you really want your whole group to sit together then you should probably just bite the bullet and book the seats...If youre only worrying about the kids sitting with someone then you should be ok…

nsfamily is right you never know how many people prebooked their seats. If you are only paying for 2 people another $60 doesn’t mean to much. So it would all depend on how many do it .

I agree with nsfamily. If a lot of other people from your flight have pre-booked already, you may be out of luck anyway. On airtransat.com, you can actually see what seats are taken. Perhaps you can check out Skyservice’s website for the same info.

I would be very surprised if SkyService would not accommodate your request of having the children sitting with or very near some of the adults. They may not put the entire group together but they likely would prefer that the children–depending on their age–have some adults close at hand for safety reasons alone. I found their staff at the airport very reasonable. Now, if they could only increase the legroom!