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Predictions for 2009 travel prices?

Does anyone employed in the travel industry have an insight on expected prices for travel to DR for Feb/March 2009?

Should I hold or should I buy now?

i think it will be typical year, if you see a price you like , go for it, if it was shoulder season i would wait, but being prime time, if its a decent resort it will probally fill up

agreed…my contacts in the biz are actually surprised at the amount of booking interest for late winter…early jan might have some real deals though!

May also depend on weather here in Canada. If it’s a bad winter, prices may not drop as people will pay to stop shovelling and head south.

I agree with the above posts, but if the economy continues to slid over the next 12-18 months, by the end of 2009 into the winter of 2010, is when you should see some lower prices. That could all change if some airlines/ tour operators go under. Lets hope things aren’t as bad as some pundits are saying.

I notice that some resorts are completely booked while there are still lots of resorts with available space. There may be deals to be had but if you want to go somewhere specific it would be wise to book now.

This year though the tour companies do seem to be willing to combine flights and even cancel some. Just check out other posts about this. So there may not be as much product out there for them to discount. There may be room in the resorts but not on the flights if they are now putting two flights together.

Well, I booked last week for 2 weeks in early February. Two days later the price went up by about $300.00/couple and earlier today it went up by $600.00/couple!! Just checked again now & the resort we’re going to is booked up for those 2 weeks…

Glad I booked last week!!

[quote=@writfiler]Well, I booked last week for 2 weeks in early February. Two days later the price went up by about $300.00/couple and earlier today it went up by $600.00/couple!! Just checked again now & the resort we’re going to is booked up for those 2 weeks…

Glad I booked last week!![/quote]

Same experience here, ours has gone up three times since we booked in October and is now $1536.00 more. Also the resort is now booked up.

thanks all, with this info, looks like breezes for $839 plus tax of $216 is the best deal…I wonder why the tax has changed for this room.

I had expected there to be some better deals…I got a great deal but I went with a less expensive destination (PP over PC) and moved my trip up a week…not a big deal for the $$ I saved though! Also, was booked Monday to Monday and Signature cancelled their Monday flight so we got changed to Saturday to Saturday…worked out better for us anyways! Now if only we weren’t booked on an afternoon flight…I hate arriving at the resort at night and arriving home in the middle of the night on the way back!

We gave up and booked. it seemed only some of the lower star resorts were getting discounted as selloffs. but the difference between a Thursday departure and leaving on Saturday saved us alot of money.

oil prices are now on the rise, so plan accordingly

i finally booked , kept waiting for a deal and nothing happening, almost sold out for our week at bahia principe ambar. travel agent kept saying wait till 2nd week of jan, but i didnt want to take the chance.

We’re booked at the Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro at the end of March (arriving on a Tues.) - booked it back in Sept. (flying with Sunwing)and when I checked the other day it has gone up $252/per person. (base price went up $140 per person, and taxes up $112.00 per person), for a total of $504.00 of an increase. Yikes, I’m glad we booked when we did.

We found that it was quite a bit cheaper to fly through the week as opposed to the weekend, so whatever is a savings is fine with me.

Booked on Tues and saved $2000. for two weeks in PC. Was told by our TA that prices would have been cheaper if we had went end of Jan.

We booked back in November with Sunwing on a one day super special deal that my husband happen to stumble upon… The resort we wanted so we booked. it is no longer available (not until March with any tour operator) :o

I never thought there would by more deals due to the economy… Us northerners always manage to find a few $$$ to get somewhere warm during our frigid winters :wink:

Plus, with the cost of fuel…

We booked back in the fall and our trip (two weeks) has increased by about $400.00.(pp) Not sure why. We got about the same price as we had the previous year by booking early. It seems that there can be lots of “deals” out there from time to time for “last minute” seven day vacations but I have learned over the years that you cannot gamble too much on the two week vacations as the price does not change that much and your “vacation of choice” may disappear. There is a big difference on your booking habits for a 7 day vacation as opposed to a 2 week one.