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Premium seats on Britannia Airways


Hi all - have been in the Cuba forums before but after a lot of to’ing and fro’ing to the travel agents we have today booked our trip to the Dominican Republic for our silver wedding anniversary next June. We decided as it was such a long flight to book premium seats on the aircraft (we have booked with Thomsons btw). I have googled the subject and have found a few uncomplimentary comments about Premium seats and that they aren’t worth paying the extra for. Has anyone out there had any experience of this please?

Thanks in anticipation :slight_smile:


We have flew with both Britannia and First Choice Premium and the new star class Premium, it is the only way we go now as my husband is quite tall.
When you look back through the curtain and see everyone else squashed and uncomfortable you will know it was worth it. If you was paying for the upgrade with First Choice it is still worth the added bit of luxury, the priority boarding, priority luggage (off the plane first), strawberries and champagne on take off, free newspaper etc, but First Choice have dramatically improved the seating for ALL passengers.
Enjoy the luxury and have a great flight!


Maybe Britannia have improved their premium seats since the comments I read were posted - couldn’t find a date to see how old these comments were.

Thanks for the info - breathing a little easier now!! ;D


As far as I know only First Choice have up graded their planes, they were new for this summer, but Thomson will have to follow suit I think.
On a long Britannia flight the upgrade is worth every penny. We have just booked with First Choice again for next year and had to give it some serious thought whether or not to upgrade, we still did, it is a nice start to the holiday, but with First Choice it is debatable whether it is worth it now as the back of the plane looks a lot more comfortable than they used to.
Flying with Britannia I feel you have done the right thing.
Have a great time


Hi, we just got back at 6.30 this morning! We also normally book premium, as my husbands a large guy!
With our Thomson flight, we could only book premium on the way out, it wasn’t available on the way back.I must say I wasn’t very impressed on the way out, didn’t feel it was as much space as we’ve had with other airlines, but having just travelled overnight in two seats not in premium, theres definitely more space! I’ve never been so cramped as the journey home!
The extra 10kg.allowance was the only other advantage, food wasn’t any better in premium, and not the usual free drinks, etc. If you want any other info.PM me!