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Presidente at the Bahia Principe (SJ)


I’ve stumbled across a few posts that have said that the Bahia Principe does not server Presidente beer, but instead some fowl tasting beer. Can anyone confirm this? If this is the case, can Presidente be bought anywhere close by (and at what cost)?



Nary a drop at BPRSJ. We booked a tour to Rio San Juan on the second day and picked up a case in town. It is a long haul from the resort to anywhere. One poor soul that we met, told me that he went out to the taxi stand and a driver brought him a few bottles the next day but he said it was a hastle waiting for the driver to show up. The rum works just as well.


Hola dmccarthy,

I don’t know if this is one of the the posts you were referring to. Regardless it should answer your question.
If not it gives me another opportunity to express myself on the topic of Quisqueya Extra - one of the world’s most fetid and putrid beverages. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, am I ever glad you brought up the topic because it offers me another opportunity to rant about the world’s worst beer, Quisqueya Extra, which I had the misfortune of sampling last year at the Bahia Principe Rio San Juan. While we enjoyed our two week stay and found that most of the food and drink were of good quality, I remain unimpressed by this resort’s decision to offer, in the hope of making a little bit more money, Quisqueya Extra as its house beer. While I confess to forcing down a few of the draft variety- tolerable but certainly not enjoyable - the bottled version was absolutely undrinkable, and trust me, I tried really hard to consume it. Describing its taste is a true challenge. Firstly, no two bottles tasted quite the same. I don’t know how this was achieved, but it says something about that brewery’s quality control. As to its taste, it is vile. It is a sweet/sour, skunky smelling, sometimes flat, sometimes highly carbonated, flatulence inducing concoction. HORRID! As I’ve stated before, I’m not a beer snob. I’ll drink imported or domestic beer. I’ll drink it out of a green, a clear, or a brown bottle, from a can or directly from the tap. It can be golden, brown or amber in colour, or it can be warm or cold, flat or fizzy. It really doesn’t matter, but I’ll never drink Quisqueya Extra again. Goat piss couldn’t be much worse! Is there anybody out there who actually liked it and has anything good to say about it? As to the Bohemia, I’m not sure I’ve ever had any. But, rest assured, all is not lost. Presidente is an excellent beer - world class. I was able to buy it at the hotel lobby store for $2 a bottle. It was worth every penny of it

Adios, :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Shadow, don’t hold back. Tell us what you REALLY think. LOL.


Hola Rose,

I never hold back. I’m probably known for my bluntness. The above post is a copy and paste of a previous opinion piece I wrote about, dare I say, Quisqueya Extra. my least favourite beer.

Gag me with a spoon! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:


Hola, dmccarthy,

Oh Yeah,

Quisqueya Extra is truly foul, but it does not taste like poultry. Attend to your spelling please - those darned homonyms (lol) :sunglasses: :smiley: :sunglasses:


One of the posts above says Presidente was avaialbe in the hotel lobby store. Is the hotel being referred to here the Bahia Principe? It doesn’t say exactly.



I believe it is the Bahia Principe Rio San Juan. I don’t think this is the case for their resorts in Punta Cana, but I could be wrong about that. Someone who has been to their resorts in Punta Cana could clarify that.



Shadow, I to felt the pain of trying to consume Quisqeya Exrta last year at BPSJ. I thought it was the worst until ths year when I tried Soberana! The only way I could force one down was to mix it wiyh Clamato juice. I was thankfull that all the bars at the Bavaro Princess had Ice cold bottles of Presidente ;D


When we talk about the BPRSJ it means Bahia Principe Rio San Juan. It is located east of Puerto Plata about one hour from the airport. The nearest town is Rio San Juan which is another 20 minutes east. It is a fully self-contained unit. When you pull in, you drive thru all the t-shirt shops, the casino, the discos, the internet cafe and one a la carte restaurant. Then you go thru the gate to the hotel lobby. There is a shop off the lobby that sells lotion, rum, postcards, candy and smokes etc. When we were there in Nov. they did not have any Presidente.
The first thing you do after leaving the airport doors is to go to the stall that sells beer and buy a few to get you thru the next hour of sweat, before looking for your bus. Failing that, get the driver to stop in Cabarate and if he does not understand, just do a drinking motion and say “cervasa frio” (cold beer). He knows that he is going to get a tip from you and will stop at his brother’s cantina.
Don’t let the isolation of this resort deter you from going. The beach is great and make sure you book all your tours with Campo, which is located on the right side of the beach just outside the hotel property. Every tour that your rep has, they have cheaper. 3 tours for $99.


Maybe I am just a lightweight but I found the Presidente beer very strong- had a few on the catamaran trip and spent the evening crashed out! :-[ The beer they served at the hotel was great for a refreshing drink on the beach and then we stuck to wine and cocktails in the evening



President is a 5% alcohol beer. It must have been the sun and seathat did you in.



Hola dmmcarthy,

Yes, I’m referring to the BPRSJ. Presidente was available in the lobby store when we were there in Feb/Mar. 05. I just read in an earlier post by “Mac” that it was not available.
If this is accurate, it’s not good news for you. When you enter the store, you’ll see a cooler on your right. Check the bottom shelves. That’s where they’ll be if there are any.

Adios :sunglasses: :smiley: :sunglasses:


Hola Wayneo,

Where did you have Soberana? Is it really worse than Quisqueya?



Thanks for all the replies everyone!
I’m due to arrive at the BPSJ on May the 5th. I was really looking forward to sampling the Presidente, which I guess I’ll do in the airpoirt as suggested above. Does anyone actually like the Quisqueya? One post above mentions that it wasn’t too bad. I’m a real beer drinker - not that fond of mixed drinks. I guess I may have to turn over a new leaf.


Shadow I had the Soberana at the Bavaro Princess, PUJ. I actually thought the Quisqueya was more drinkable. Buy some Presidente you won’t regret it. DMC have a great trip!


:DGot back today from the bahia Principe and can say that there was no Presidente at this resorte Drank the beer that was there and it was so-so it you swallowed twice.Drank Presidente on the tours and really enjoyed it.I have to say tho,that the drinks were really good.Lots of booze in those drinks,not watered down.


I e-mailed a gentleman that I met at the BPRSJ in Nov. He has been to this resort 8 times in the past 4 years. I asked him about Presidente availability in the resort store and he responded that he has only seen it sold about 4 times. I guess the resort is lucky that he is mostly a Canadian whiskey drinker. I agree that there are no watered down drinks served there as my wife can attest to. She says that it too big a resort to have to carry me home. ::slight_smile:


Just got back from Fun Toyale and it is definitely Presidente beer there all the time at every bar !! so there has to be some reason they choose not to use it at this resort ??? ??? ???. My hubby also bought a few bottles in the store right on the resort


Just got back from the Bahia Principe San Juan, and they did have Presidente at the shop in the main lobby (in the set of coolers on the right as soon as you enter the shop). There was also a shop out on the street that had it as well (I can’t remember the name of it though).

Upon leaving the airport and getting my bags dropped off to the bus I headed over the the vendors outside the airport and picked up a 650ml bottle for $4 US. Not a bad beer by any means!

The resort, as expected has the Quisqueya. I didn’t find it as bad as some people made it out to be. I did find it better out of the bottle from the mini-bar, than from the tap at the bars around the resort. Put it this way, when the temperature is 30+ degrees and your thursty it goes down pretty easily. :slight_smile: