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Presidente Beer?


What U.S. beer has closest taste to President beer? Just wondering.


Dear cubsfan,
Fortunately. not many beers around the world taste like American beer. I don’t know if you’ve had a Presidente before but it has a slight pilsener taste, not too harsh thankfully, because I’m an ale drinker. It also has, I believe,the same alcohol content as US beers. You’ll enjoy it As I say when I’m down in Sosua,it’s not Molson EX but it’ll do.
Cheers, leafsfan


Presidente has higher alcohol content than most American beers. Doesn’t Presidente have 5.X% alcohol? Still tastes great though…still trying to find someone in Ohio that will send/distribute it…


Canadian beer is 5% and I’m sure I heard last time I was down there that Presidente was 4%.All I know is that it takes quite a few Presidentes to get a buzz. I still enjoy it though.


just curious, is Presidente available in Canada? We really enjoyed the beer…it would be nice to have one to tide us over until we return to dominican next april nbgirl:-)


Presidente is not sold in Canada, as far as I know.


In my province,Ontario, our liquor outlet,the LCBO, sells beers from all over the world but it does not sell Presidente.


Is it that really that good- that makes you look for it once you leave PC?


it is good beer… I just thought it would be nice to have a few here in Canada, I wouldnt go out of my way to get it though.


And I don’t even like/drink yellow, American beer. For most of my life I have opted for darker and heavier microbrews (Ambers, Wheats, Hefewiezens, etc).
But, for the first time in five years, during my last trip in May, I finally tried a Presidente just to see what all the rage was about. By the time I was finished with my first glass, I liked it. And by the end of my vacation I loved it. Ice cold, and with a lime wedge … very nice!!
And since I live on the west coast of the US, and it can only be bought on the east coast, I’m stopping at the grocery store when I’m in the DR in August, and bringing some home. :wink:


on the same note as cubsfan
which u.k beer tastes like presidente ???
i mean beers sold in u.k (stella ,fosters,carling,red stripe )
i have never been to DR so i would like an idea what it tastes like :wink: