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Presidente gear... anyone?

Does anyone know where I can purchase some Presidente gear? I regret not picking more up when I was in Punta Cana last summer. I know the airport gift shop was packed full of it. Any ideas? I haven’t found anything online.

Thanks for the help.

never seen any anywhere else than the DR unfortunately, some items of poor quality available at certain flea markets around Montreal sometimes

You’ll just have to come to the fiesta next year. ;D There’s usually a ‘few’ good items for the silent auction. You could also submit a bid by email or get someone to represent you. Shipping might be an issue though …

Bob, what’s the fiesta?

OK, there’s an organization called BTBCF (Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation). There’s a lot of information about it in our “Helping the Children of the DR and Fiesta News” forum. We get together annually for a small party as part of their fundraising activities. It moves around yearly; this year it will be in Barrie, Ontario. We have a good time raising funds for the kids, so it’s basically a win/win situation. OK, the kids are the big winners.
Iowa would be a bit of a trip … But I’m sure you could get someone to represent your interests. ;D :sunglasses:


Thanks Wud. I should have put the link in my post.