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Presidente now owned


By Heineken for 1.6 billion US$

Source DR1.com


[quote=@hlywud]By Heineken for 1.6 billion US$

Source DR1.com[/quote]

Maybe now there might be some home in seeing Presidente in Canada, seeing Heineken already has an import licence with Canada, as OBH’s previous inquiries to the LCBO stated that was the reason they couldnt bring in Presidente before…as there was no permit/licence for beer, just for hard liquor.

We can only hope :slight_smile:


Is that a done deal or are they still in negotiations… I can only imagine the price up here


As per PC Mike, nothing is settled as of yet.


Why have so many hotels in Porta Plata discontinue serving Presidente?


When we were at the Gran Ventana in January/February of this year, they had gone back to Presidente on tap at all their bars. Did not have it in the bar fridge in the rooms though…


Still on tap in GV in Oct but not in rooms

Cheers Amandalou :*


Molson-Coors is the representative for Heineken in Canada. Should be easy for them to get Presidente listed in the Provincial LCs. :sunglasses:

The hotels in PP would serve QUISQUEYA, the one that’s sometimes spelled with a capital P, or SOBERANA given half a chance. :frowning: