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Price Change for Children?

I’ve been checking prices in Mexico and Cuba for the past couple of months. Last year and even last month, ABR and GORM were $700 to $900 to pay for my 3 year old daughter. However, just for the heck of it I checked yesterday and today and while adult prices haven’t changed much, it said $239 for one child at ABR! GORM was about $340. This made the total less than some of the Cuban resorts where even though the adult rate was higher, the child rate ranged from $500 to $700. I’m not interested in any other Mayan Riviera resorts, so didn’t investigate further.

Anyone else notice this? Is this just a glitch in the search engine? Something in the Federal budget that changed how taxes to Mexico are applied?

Hi canoesue :slight_smile:

Who is the tour operator? Sometimes they run “kids fly and/or stay free specials”, where the hotel or the flight (and sometimes both) are knocked-off the price and you essentially end-up paying just the taxes. So, perhaps the tour op you are looking at is running a kid’s special?

Thanks, that must be it. Conquest and Sunwing are showing a child’s rate at ABR of $239 and $335, while Air Canada is $660 (all March 5 Toronto departures).

I have learned to always click through to the totals!

yes it’s a tour special. dropping the sirfare price or the hotel can have a special running on children’s prices, etc

when we were looking to book our trip in oct for jan we were looking into cuba as well b/c kids were 500-700 and 800-900 plus taxes yet! Then it dropped for some resorts i was looking into the mayan down to 600 or so but yes all adult fares were the same. In the end the grand total was around 1000 cheaper for all of us to go to hte mayan over cuba and we had a suite yet too! it always pays to do your research and keep tabs on these things before you book, hey!