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Price Drop?

Over the past few years we have waited to book a holiday to Cuba until some time in February for travel in March. For some reason this year I feel the need to book sooner!!! Anyone notice any price drop or have suggestions on a booking site? We usually go with selloff or ytt but I am open to suggestions. St.John’s,NL to PPDM, Varadero!!!
To book or to wait is the question?

I fnd in the end, most of them offer the same prices. But here’s the one I’ve been using for the last couple of trips:


Hey there Furey I sent you a private message so when you get a minute check it out ;D


the price of our holiday just went up
I asked about it and they said as the seats fill
the price goes up not down, the resort might
drop the price, but the airline only needs so
may seats filled to make the flight cost effective
once they hit a certain number, up go the prices
don’t know if it’s true but it sounded good

The planes don’t take long to fill up from here in St John’s NL for sure . Everyone usually wants to escape our lovely weather lol.But I have to say so far Mr Winter has been pretty good to us…knock on wood ;D


the deals in the Halifax paper this week are unreal…of course they are from Halifax, Coral Marion $595, Ocean Blue $775!! We paid like $1500 there last year…awesome resort!! Not knowing price… is it worth it fly to Halifax for a night first??

Last year we waited too long and lost our direct flight.
Paid a bit more, overnighted in TO and had better seats. Arrived sooner and had an extra half day on the beach. Wish I had the guts to wait to the last week/minute. Can’t take the chance and end up in Moncton, under a sunlamp, for a week.
The Moosehead would be good, though. Pretend it’s Cristal.

If you see a price you can live with I would book it. Prices seem to be all over the place this year. There are deals for January but the prices for March are going up.

Wossa and I have been watching a resort in Honduras and today the price went up $130.00 per person. We are not taking our chances of the flight filling up, so we booked today and paid the higher price. The 2nd week of our vacation is March break so the plane is filling up fast.

We book with Yourtraveltickets as they have good customer service and go the extra mile for us when booking. :wink:

I noticed as the price of gas goes up so does the fees for vacations. ::slight_smile:

Good luck with booking a deal on a resort. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Melia Cayco Santa Maria has not done down since October
Print off prices list now so you can compare them to pricing next Oct

The best prices are about 4-6 months early. I booked really early this year. The prices were great in the fall. I booked my two trips before november, since then the prices haven’t been lower and both resorts are booked for the flights I wanted. If you are a little picky and want a really nice resort book as soon as the price fits your budget. The popular places that people have had good experiences with will not be available for last minute specials…

to me
what time I fly home
where I’m going
and where I fly out of
are the most important to me
then the price
I’m not going to book 6 months in advance
but when winter comes,
I start paying attention

I’ve got a new thread I’m going to start about my booking this year

Sunwing dopped their prices on Christmas day so we booked. I just saw today it has gone back up?? I cant figure it out

I’ve been tracking prices since June. They went up in August, and then again in December. We were resigned to not going this year. Then the prices suddenly plunged to $600 less than what we paid last year for the same resort at the same time. We jumped on it immediately (this week). A day after we booked, it was sold out. We leave in 4 weeks.

It’s a bit like playing the stock market, I think. As others have said, if you find a price that you can comfortably live with, take it. No matter when the deal shows up (months in advance or a day in advance).

In Newfoundland the choices are limited. We booked several months ago for Holquin and the prices are now over 2000 dollars more for the same time. We like to go for two weeks so we have less options then most. If you are only going for 1 week I would wait as no way would I pay the prices they are now offering. I am still waiting and hoping to pick up a extra cheap 1 week deal for March. May get lucky, maybe not!

I just took another look at our prices. We are booked with Nolitours specifically so we could book Club Class. As with the Atlantic provinces, our options, out of Vancouver are limited. We are resort specific, also, which is why we book very early. Breezes Jibacoa is a very popular resort and is consistently sold out during high season. Right now, for Feb. 2nd only Oceanview rooms are still be offered by Nolitours. Sunquest’s earliest date for new bookings is Feb.16th. The price for our departure date is still $900 more than what we paid but, if we had to book for the 16th it would cost us $1,116.50 more. If you are looking to book at resorts that sell out you are not going to get last minute deals. Why would they drop their prices ::slight_smile:

If you didn’t mind leaving tomorrow 7:15am out of Toronto for Breezes Jibacoa (Ocean View VIP)…Sunwing…$845 ea taxes in. Very last minute.

no fair, ocanada…don’t rub it in…those of us in other parts of Canada know TO departures get great last minute deals. The fact that there are so many more flights heading to Cuba makes the big difference in these very last minute deals. I think Sunwing has not sold all its seats out of TO for this flight and is flogging resorts at rock bottom prices. Lucky folks who can book vacations at the drop of hat, leave tomorrow type of thing. I don’t think the majority of Canadians fit that bill :’(

that’s exactly why they do it, it’s a very limited market and if they get a chance to fill those last one or two seats, they blow them out, but for the average person, it’s not suitable

:slight_smile: And that’s why, even though we live on the West Coast, we always book to go through TO. It just makes more sense to us and the cost and convenience for us to fly to TO adds up to about the same cost as if we were going from Vancouver. :stuck_out_tongue:

Way more options and better prices out of TO. :-*


I have been following the weekend ads in the Chronically Horrid for a while now and have not seen any ‘deals’ that appeared extra special. Can you let me know what travel company was offering the packages you mentioned.