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Price increase anyone?


I got the following message from my wedding coordinators at Barcelo PC stating that the government had raised the price for all weddings in the DR, and we would be charged another $270 accordingly. I’m just wondering if anyone from other resorts received the same notification, because if not, I will be challenging them on this. Please let me know!
(this is also posted on the thread for Barcelo PC, but didn’t know if everyone would check it or not) ???

We are contacting you today as we have to inform you about an important increase of the wedding fee. The judge informed us that the Dominican government raised the wedding fee by US$ 270 as of Jan. 26th. That means that we unfortunately have to charge you besides the wedding fee that is stated in the wedding package additionally US$ 270. We are really sorry for any inconveniences this may cause but this situation is out of our hands as this decision was made by the government and applies for all weddings in the Dominican Republic.

As a compromise we could offer you to get legally married back home and then have a symbolic wedding here. The fee for this type of ceremony is US$ 190.


I am getting married in 2 weeks and we haven’t heard anything yet…i would definitely fight it when we get there, if she tells us when we arrive…


I know a couple that got married in PUJ last week and the resorts tried to stick them with the new increase, they simply refused to pay based on all was setup prior to the new fee structure.

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I’ve kept all my previous emails with the wedding coordinators, and hopefully it will be enough. Also, there was a read-receipt attached to the message, but I clicked “NO” and didn’t send them a read-receipt. I get married in less than 2 months, so hopefully it’s worked out by then! Alternatively, if I have to pay, I will - it just sucks on such short notice!


I have seen other couples complaining about this increase in the wedding bells DW forum. I would hope that WEDO, DRSI or the Dominican Consulate would reduce their high fees to balance this out! This is terrible!


I’m getting married at Ocean Sands and they too had that there would be a $300 charge. I emailed my wedding co-ordinator and asked her and she said that I would not have to pay it since my wedding was booked before this “law” came into place. So I’m assuming that its for any wedding booked from now on. Email your wedding co-ordinator and ask them what they say. I too have saved all my emails back and forth between me and the wedding co-ordinator and will be printing them out and taking them with me just in case.


I would like to hear if this is true. It seems every time I turn around there is more $$$ involved. With wedding package price increases at the resort. Now things that were included in the package are now priced separate. Our wedding (second for both of us) was to be hassle free and less expensive. (at the rate thing are going, this is going to me more expensive than a big wedding with 250 guest at home. With having all the bells and whistles. I wish I would have known all this before I got this deep into all these wedding plans and guests booked).


Hi Everyone,

Wow, all you people getting married, way to go, and congrats. I would like to suggest that $270 us is not a large amount of money. This is one of the most important and happiest times of your life. Please do not let a small matter of money, especially only$270 create unwanted stress. Stuff happens. Indeed talk about it, if nothing is done, then let it go…you can ask for a complementary spa pkg instead, or some other type of credit. These hotels depend on the good will of their guests, and sometimes they are stuck as well.

Anyway, I wish all of you a great wedding and a wonder life ahead.

Bruce and Olivia.


iam getting married at breezes POP and have not heard anything. plus we booked before jan 26th so they must honour that price. i would fight it all the way. they can’t up the price like that.



Just read this in the "Sosua News " today

""30 January 2007

More expensive to marry

We have bad news for people planning to get married in this country: it’s become more expensive. From Friday 26 January, foreigners planning a civil marriage ceremony must pay 15,000 pesos (around 450 US dollar). Dominicans pay only 3000 pesos. Registering your marriage costs around 5000 pesos, although the ‘locals’ pay only 1000 pesos.
The government has also set new prices for issuing official documents, such as birth certificates, divorce papers and death certificates.

Source: Dominican Today “”

for what its worth


For those who prefer to read the original source: (in Spanish)



Told my FH about the increase today. He said oh well what are you going to do. I guess if he doesn’t care. I shouldn’t either. I need to let the things I can’t control not bother me. LOL


are wedding planner hasn’t notified us of the increase, so i will keep it in the back of my head!!!



I just like checking thru this string of posts even though I am married & have been for 34years. While doing some reading yesterday on dr1.com, I noticed that announcement posted there…you might want to check it out & work out the details with your wedding co-ordinator. But I agree with those who have details all confirmed prior to the Jan 26th date…you should not have to pay the extra.


I’m not bringing it up until we get there - if she tries to adjust it when we arrive - I will fight that…but there’s no use in me bringing that up now and having her tell me take it or leave it when we’re due to leave in 2 weeks.


As Oprah would say “You go girl”. You should not have to pay the extra fee if you have already been quoted a price IMHO of course :sunglasses:


:(Hey fellow Canadian I got the price increase yesterday…I can’t believe it I wonder what else awaits when we arrive. Our wedding date is 14th Feb and we are leaving next Wednesday. I’m taking all the emails they send me. Our hotel room is suppose to be up graded since we are getting married but I doubt it will happen…


trbunch, what resort are you with?


iam not asking the wp about this, if she doesn’t notify i won’t pay the extra. i did go on the breezes websit and it does say they charge 650 for wedding instead of 300. i do find this expensive. i letting my travel agent look into so that breezes doesn’t know i know



I asked my WC this, hoping it was only for specific cities, but she said it was $300 US and covers all of DR. I asked her if this increase is only for new bookings, so will wait to hear what she says…