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Price Jump!

Oh my god, the prices all just jumped! A couple hundred dollars. Well that serves me right for procrastinating so long. I’m trying to find an early morning departure vacation from Toronto to Punta Cana but now they have disappeared also. Grrrr!!!

Check prices on canadatravels.com as they issued a “discount coupon code” today via e-mail that anyone can use. Just apply the code in the appropriate box (redeem a coupon) during the on-line booking process and re-quote your price prior to “check-out” and you will see your discount. The code is VIP857489. Offer expires Nov. 30th I think.

There was a price increase from Halifax last night as well. I’m some glad we booked a month ago as the price is now 142 per person more that what we paid for the Ocean Blue.

I’m glad we booked when we did (August). The price now is $362.00 more for 2 people for 2 weeks and that doesn’t include club class, which we booked, so that’s over and above the $362 increase, (which I think was about $450-500 for 2). Overall savings, Sweet.

I booked on Oct 21st and there is now a $410 increase,


WOW … I guess we are not in a recession then. Airlines are confident that we will continue to spend and fill the planes and the rooms at the resorts. Maybe they have had enough of all the smart bargain shoppers I’ve seen here.

I was just getting ready to book and my flight went up 450.00 each. I guess I will be looking at another resort.:frowning:

I am thinking that maybe they’ve tossed up the prices so that: 1) people panic and book right away, and 2) they can drop them back to what they were as “last minute deals” closer to the departure dates. of course, maybe I’m just cynical…

Great - just found out yesterday that Transat has changed our booking so now we have to look at other options. We even booked early and now we are back to square one with the prices going up! Not so sure about booking early any more. We got the resort we wanted but now we will probably lose it because of the changes.

The trip I booked 1 month ago is now 190$ per person more that it was. The price increased 3 times : + 70$ + 60$ and now + 60$ again.

I’m glad it’s booked but I would have thought the price woould be lower since it’s for early december.

Fortunately, the flight hours are still the same.

We booked back in April for EdenH at a total cost pp of $1539 out of Ottawa.

The price then went up to $1988 and has now gone down to $1438.

I checked out Canada Travels, using the coupon code mentioned by Alf and the price would be $1392. It’s a crap-shoot…

Alf, did you know about the Discount Code by signing up for their Newsletter? I just signed up for it…


the prices are high for winter travel, usually we have booked by now but I too was looking for the drop maybe it’s not happening this year.maybe keeping prices high because bussiness is slow, I guess we will do a last min. anybody have luck getting a 2 week sell off in the past . We always go for the 2 week in January, we are flexiable so I guess we are on the wait and see list, my husband always like things done in advance so I better find something or I will be in deep. let me know if there are people out there that have been successful in booking 2 weeks last min. thanks

eltigre62…don’t know where you’re from, but ‘last minute’ in the Maritimes for a 2week trip is about 4 - 6 weeks! Our market is quite limited so we don’t like to cut it any closer. Otherwise all that’s left is 1 week trips or lesser resorts.

JudyM, how did you get the prices from canada travel? I tried it and could not figure out where the code goes too. I don’t know if I am using the right site. Helppppppppppppp. Hola from the Cape…

Well I just went to Canadatravels.com and had no probs finding prices…

I had no problem finding the site but there was no place to put the code. I thought there maybe a different site.

Coupon number goes on this page: In the "redeem a coupon box:

Then just click on requote button for new adjusted price.

It’s probably the 3rd page in the booking process.

When would be the best time to book for June 2009. Prices are decent now, but I feel it is too early. ANy thoughts?

Thanks Alf, I had no problem this time. Savings was quoted as 151.00 not bad.

erin, depends on if you think its a good price. Remember if the Can $ goes much lower, then tour operators will raise prices accordingly.