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Prices down for Cuba this winter?

With Fall comes browsing for winter get aways for many of us.  We book quite early but I was comparing what we paid last year with our latest package and was surprised how much it had dropped.  We’ve been going to the same resort, same time, same package for 9 years so year to year price comparisons are easy (I keep all my paperwork).  Every year it’s gone up except for when I booked this winter’s package.  Yesterday I did a % comparison and was amazed that it was [strong]12% cheaper [/strong]for the base package (not including taxes and flight upgrades, etc).  I’m not sure who has absorb the price decrease.  The resort is always fully booked so it’s not likely they are dropping prices to lure guests.  Interesting.  Looks like this might be a good year for people to visit Cuba :slight_smile:

We have found the reverse. I just checked the price for the Blau Varadero, about the same time as we went last year, and the price is up by about 7%. The price goes up a bit just around the last week of January, so last year we picked the week just before the price went up. I did the same thing this time, so the prices should be pretty comparable. This is the same hotel, the same tour operator and everything.
It may be that some hotels, or some tour operators have reduced prices, but it doesn’t seem to be an cross-the-board thing.

ALWAYS include taxes in your comparisons because the ‘taxes’ are mostly a bunch of T/O BS.

I clicked on one ad last week that was a BOGO (50% off second seat), then found that excluded ‘taxes’ and was only a $100. savings per couple. There is no HST on your ‘out of Canada’ vacation so the word ‘taxes’ is a complete misnomer and they use it to crank up the prices hoping that no one will notice.

FWIW, my own comparisons for Sept were comparable to the past but I won’t be tracking early Jan. trips until mid Dec. for booking late Dec./early Jan. I still prefer last minute for the best deal if you are flexible on departures and resorts.

[quote=@dax][quote=@steffiej](not including taxes and flight upgrades, etc)[/quote]ALWAYS include taxes in your comparisons because the ‘taxes’ are mostly a bunch of T/O BS.

Dax, I only looked at the resort rates, for yearly comparisons, as these were the numbers that were consistently going up and it was those numbers that I was most interested in.   Based on the room rates, alone, we are 12.5% cheaper 2014 over 2013.  Per your suggestion, I did calculations factoring in the flight upgrades (Club Class as opposed to Executive Class) and the taxes and, with those numbers factored in we are, overall, 9.75% cheaper 2014 over 2013 which equals a substantial $811 savings.  We use the same tour operators each year, also, so it would be interesting to see if prices in general are going down.  Personally, I thought last year’s prices were really jacked up so I’m more than happy to see them go down to pre 2012 rates! 

Interesting that you say that…someone I know who travels to Cuba very freqently was surprised to be able to book a 5 star in Cayo Coco for less than what you normally pay for a 4 star in previous years. It is a resort that NEVER “goes on sale” or ever has any deals. This was booked for April 2014. So perhaps there will be some good news.

I haven’t started looking that far out yet, but will be travelling in April, so this gives me some hope!

Our favourite spot is still $400 more pp than previous years for March/April. Usually we’re booked by now but last year waited until Jan and it worked out better.

When we booked in June for April 2014 the price for the hotel with taxes was the same as we paid this April without a group rate so we jumped and got a group rate which was $140pp cheaper than the posted rate. This is the cheapest in 5 years. The price has gone up and it posted @ $140 more than the non group rate in June. After booking for our trip last time I watched and it never came down only when up and up. We took 7 rooms in our room category so I think when they do sell a chunk of rooms the price goes up.

I feel we did the right thing jumping early and getting the group reduction. Club Class did go up from $200 to $240pp. Apparently it was up to this amount for travel in 2013 but we booked the previous year and still had the lower rate for Club. Even with the extra $40 for Club we are still at the same rates as we have always paid so all is good.

Looking at prices for PC, I’m glad we booked. The prices there are certainly not dropping. I have noticed that there have been many deals for Santa Maria area for early January on Santa Maria as well as Cayo Coco for some of the lower star hotels.

Searching for a package to Cuba or DR for 4.5* resort in mid November 2013 the price is high compared to this time of the yaer last year. Any explanation???

We found a sweet deal to Santiago de Cuba for last week of November for $520.00 taxes-in from Montreal… note it’s not a 4.5*… it’s a 3*

We find the prices from Ottawa and Montreal are around the same price as they have been for the last 5 years or so…

Keep searching and you will find a good deal… because you want to go mid Nov. You should find some excellent deals for last minute bookings!

good luck

There are always some good prices in Sept Oct and Nov to go to Cuba … Christmas time is the most expensive when all kids stop going to school!

We found the same thing as Steffiej. We also go to BJ same time and you NEVER see it in the vacation adds in the newspapers as there is no need to! We booked in August this year and it was one of the cheapest we’ve ever paid. Go figure! When I do a check every few days it’s funny to see that it may go up $50.00 one day and a few days later down $50.00 from what we paid - back and forth.  Hard to understand with the Carriers coming out with the packages early in the Spring now. Is competition from other Resorts and Countries that great?

Prices out of Halifax with Sunwing have started to come down for Jan for Varadero…deals to be had in the $350-$500 range right now. Great pricing actually compared to what I have seen so far this year.

Can only hope the trend continues and spreads out to other areas as well as with other carriers.

As you know, the resort you and I go to is very popular, in fact it did not have a low season this year based on occupancy.  Over the past few years, it’s become very popular with Brits and Germans. For people waiting for last minute deals, out of Canada, this winter, well they will most likely be out of luck.  Speaking of price increases, our package just went up and the increase was in the Club Class portion of our package.  We paid $280 pp return and it’s now $360 pp return.

Edit:  should clarify that I meant last minute deals to this particular resort not Cuba in general :slight_smile:

You can still get this resort for about $725/week from Toronto for early to mid December if anyone’s interested.