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Prices on accomodation, transport, food in DR for 2016 year


Just now we are planning our trip to DR. As the flight from Ukraine is quite expensive it is important for us to estimate the financial background of our trip beforehand, taking into account any costs that can appear. So maybe somebody, who have already been in DR earlier can provide me with the information concerning prices on accomodation, transport, food, entertainment etc.
Thanks a lot for any information.


First you need to tell us what area you are coming to. It is very different from place to place. How long will you be staying? Do you want resort prices? Apartment? Villa? You need to also tell us your quality needs - 5 star? Give us something to go on here.


I can’t tell exactly where we want to go. I heard a lot about Punta-Cana, Samana, Boca-Chica, that these resorts is quite popular and interesting for rest. We decide between them. Of course it will be grateful if we can rent something like a small villa, but it depends on the price of course, if it is cheaper to book an appartment we are ready to accept and this variant. Concerning quality needs, of course, we would like to have good conditions, so 4-5 stars will be grateful.


Welll Punta Cana is expensive. Boca Chica I would NEVER EVER stay there and definately not for an extended stay. Samana is very nice, quieter, very beautiful and better priced then Punta Cana. 4 to 5 star means it will cost you much more in Punta Cana.


Transportation - public transit is very inexpensive. Taxis are very reasonable, but cost more in higher end areas. So Punta Cana they will be more expensive. Rental cars - we don’t suggest this unless you speak Spanish and understand the dangers. Local drivers are maniacs on the road.

Food - imported foods are expensive, locally grown are much better prices! So if you stick to local foods then you will find it quite reasonable. Big bottles of water are very cheap here, you cannot drink or use the tap water for cooking! You can use it to wash dishes and shower.


Thank you a lot, planner, for so detailed information, I am sure it will be quite useful during our being in Dominican Republic. As I see from your explanation Samana is the most attractive resort from those proposed by me. As you are the experienced traveller to DR maybe you can advice somewhere else to go?It will be great!