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Problems with no passport?

We are going to the Majestic Colonial on the 24th out of Toronto…direct flight. We are bringing my mother-in-law with us (I know…I’m a saint) ::slight_smile:
Kidding…I love her to pieces.
My hubby and I have our passports, but she does not. I know photo ID and birth certificate are accepted, but I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced any delays or problems without the passport.

Been to the DR 3 times w/o a passport and have never been hassled at all.

Heck I get more of a hassle when coming back through Canadian customers at the airport on the way home!

That is because they are trying to keep out the riff raff ;D.

Well that’s good news…thanks…I’d hate to have to leave her behind.

That is because they are trying to keep out the riff raff ;D.[/quote]

Quite possible! ;D

The first time I went I didnt have a passport and I didnt have any problems…Just make sure that she has all the ID that she needs.


I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that the names have to match on the b/c and photo id. So if you are married you cannot use b/c with maiden name and driver’s license etc. with married name. (this of course is assuming your m-i-l is married and her b/c and photo id have different last names.)

Just something you might want to double check.

Have a great trip.

Yep, different last name on b/c than drivers license. I’ll be fretting regardless. Much too late for her to get her passport now. She has travelled many times before, I just assumed she had one.

If the name is different on the Birth Certificate then Driver’s License all you need is the marriage certificate

glasgirl you do still have time to get a passport if you are worried about it. your passport can arrive 7-14 reg days as long as you have a passport office where you live and hand in the correct info with a photo and guaranter sig. i rdid mine 2 days before xmas and it arrived on new yrs eve fastest i have ever had that happen. i see you leave on the 24th i would imagine if you get your application in by mon or tue it would arrive by the 22nd of jan. just a thought if you are worried


Just FYI i got my passport in 6 days. So there is time.

Well, the marriage certificate was probably BURNED years and years ago ;D
But I will ask her.
As for getting a passport, she doesn’t live near the city, and it’s a small town. She doesn’t have access to a vehicle even though she has kept her drivers license valid. And, neither my hubby nor I really have the time to spare right now to do this for her. If we had to, we would manage it, I was just hoping we could get away without it.

you are a saint!
She should not have any problems with Birth Certificate and any government issued photo i.d.
The last name on the B/C will not affect anything even Dominican women have the same problem so they understand the issue.

Glad to see you are going back, we got you hooked but this time you have to pay, since your first one was a freebie.

Too bad there isn’t a “what a relief smiley”…next best thing… :sunglasses:

Hehehe…free WAS good. The only thing we had to pay for was transportation. That spoiled us for life…Bronly treated us so well that we’ll never take the tour transportation again! Oh, and a round of golf at Punta Blanca was a must…as it is again this year. This will actually be our THIRD time at the Majestic. We were there when it first opened in '06. So yeah, we’re hooked !!

in 99.99% of all cases on this planet this one would be a sweet lie, ha ha ha
hey, just kidding.
i don’t know about the special rules of canuks traveling the globe without a passport, (sure i know you can do that and you always get away with that, it is just unusual for a german like myself not to have a passport after passed the 16th birthday, lol), but like written above, a difference between maiden name aso will not effect anything, you show your picture ID(i.e. drivers license) which shows a foto of YOU(o.k., the beloved M. in Law, lol) whic shows a foto more or less looking lioke the person which shows that foto ID and all is done. and that been the worst scenario. most likely nobody will take a closer look on the picture, just a fast check on natinality and name and “go on, have a nice day M’am”.
welcome to paradise

I agree with Mike!! Most of the times there is never a second look at any documentation. I think 1 time with all my name changes even with my Passport when I got married 10 years ago I had my PP, divorce papers and marriage certificate. That was the ONLY time they did look at every thing. Probably more out of curosisity then any thing…LOL

I had so many name changes all different on each piece of documentation they had to follow the “trail” to get to the new name. It actually turned into a funny conversation with the Ticket person.

Don’t worry!! BUT I would start the process of getting the Passport as with the state of affairs in the world we will all need one soon ;(

Have a wonderful Holiday!! I WISH my MIL and I got along as great as you do with yours!!

IMO, I think that it’s mandatory for Germans or Europeans to have passport because of the proximity of the many countries in Europe. In North America, there’s only the US and Canada, but the passport requirement has changed and as of the Summer 2009, passport will be mandatory for entry to the US or Canada. In the case of DR, it’s the DR that does not require that Canadians have a passport, just valid government issued I.d. like driver’s license and birth certificate… I guess it’s an agreement between the two governments. But let me tell you that without the government photo i.d. and official certificate, a Canadian will not get in D.R.
Glassgirl: Your mother in law will have no problem with her birth certificate, issued by the province, and her driver’s license, even if the name is not the same. I did that the fist two times that I went to DR and it’s not problem at al., no delays whatsoever.
Later on, if she decides to get a passport, she can always apply for one in her maiden name or apply online for a marriage certificate on the Ontario Government website if she wants it in the married name. It’s quick and easy. For marriage prior to 1965, it takes 6-8 weeks.

It’s too late for this trip but because it will be mandatory this summer to have a passport for the U.S., (entry by air, sea, and land) it would be a good idea to get a passport.

VincenteDiana…thanks for the info. I didn’t realize the new deadline was coming up this year. It’s not that far off really, for one who needs to quit procrastinating and ‘get er done’.
Mike…if your statistics are correct, than i AM in the majority. lol
frodogabaggins…I HAVE requested that our rooms not be too close together :wink: