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Proper Attire in Sosua/Cabarete?


I will be staying at the Playa Dorada Complex but will probably spend a night or two out in Sosua or Cabarete.

Are shorts/sandals permitted at night in the bars, restaurants and discos in these areas? Or are long pants the “norm” at night anywhere on the North Coast?

Thank you to all with some insight on the matter.


Go to the FAQ Forum for many of your questions. However going to restaurants and bars outside the resorts is another matter completely. Going to these establishments would depend on each place and their own policy :smiley:



i,ve visited lots of bars/restaurants in sosua,and theres no problem about wearing shorts/sandals at all.



We’ve stayed in Puerto Plata and Cabarete. Shorts/sandals are acceptable in most discos and casual bars and most cafes, etc., but for dining out in the evening, it is generally expected that long pants/skirts/dresses and shirts with sleeves (no tank tops, muscle shirts) as dinner is typically a much more formal mealtime, it’s a cultural issue that we always respect. However, not every bar/restaurant/cafe has a strict dresscode.

It’s best to check before you actually go to these places just to make sure and save yourself the embarassment of being underdressed or overly dressed. After all, you want to be comfortable, but also respectful.

Most bars are casual, but please no bathing suits unless it specifically caters to that sort of informal attire! I was horrified to see tourists in thongs and Speedos in a beachside bar in Cabarete around supper time. There’s a time and place to be completely casual, but please, when I’m trying to enjoy a meal, put some clothes on and have some respect!