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So I have read that there used to be a huge prostitution problem in Sosua but it is now under control. Or is it? Many of the comments that I read on Trip Advisor say it is still there. Not something I want to have around me. Any words of wisdom?

Very simply put… it is rampant and will not be going away anytime soon. There are a few A.I. resorts in Sosua that have a lot of tourists but there are dozens of Hotels in Sosua that cater to the ‘trade’. It is not unique to Sosua. It is found in any tourist area of the D.R. and is also not rare in a Dominican barrio.

Most tourists will not even realize what is going on but it is going on.

Thanks. I just dont want a bunch of hookers out on the street or in the resort trying to “ply their trade” while Im on vacation. As long as it is behind closed doors, I guess Im fine with that.

Check out Sosua’s main avenues Valentine’s day in the evening then tell me it’s “behind closed doors” NOT

Only Valentine’s Day - LOL - not

just about any evening - LOL.

Not behind closed doors, but…

Putas (hookers) are not generally welcome at any of the AI resorts - period; so you will always have a sanctuary to which to retreat. As far as the streets, unless you are a likely target (male and breathing - LOL) you should generally be OK there but if you frequent any of the Puta Bars all bets are off. Spending time in a non-puta bar or a restaurant will also be a safe location although there may be a pot-bellied, middle-aged gringo with a svelte young local lady at the next table (and no she is probably not his daughter - LOL).


the town of Boca Chica on the south coast is bad for that…at night they all come out into the street as it is closed off to traffic and the bars bring thier tables and chairs out.

You mean Puta Chica - LOL.


So how do you tell the Puta bars from the non-Puta bars?

When they have one hand on your drinks, and one hand in your pocket… your pretty sure your in the wrong bar!

We were just in PP and my father and husband were on a 4 wheeler trip when they stoped my father was approched by a lady offering a massage and to meet her down the beach. price of Massage was dependent of hands or mouth being used.
So watch out. You can be approched.

Lady? As a general rule the ‘ladies’ will not approach a couple or someone with younger children. They also will seldom be aggressive because that would be bad for business and may also bring ‘Politur’ (basically tourist cops) into the picture.

Most of the bars in Sosua are not necessarilly ‘puta bars’. However it is very likely there are putas in most of the bars. Some bars are very obviously puta bars. If you see several young ladies at the bar, alone you can probably assume that it is a puta bar.

As a little side note, take a look at the listing for a bar that is for sale and usually you will notice that the sale, the property, includes a couple of bedrooms or hotel rooms. Dang, imagine that.

We have just returned from two weeks at the ICD. While we were there we were suprised to see some male guests sitting on the beach being extremly friendly with a variety of different Dominican ladies.
At first I was suprised that these gentlemen had managed to meet so many beautiful young girls who obviously seemed so keen on them. Then the penny dropped. ( I can be very naive!)
The ICD has ‘one day passes’ so I assumed the guests brought them for the ladies concerned.
It didn’t worry us, more that we were intrigued as to the variety of ladies, but I was suprised that the ICD tolerated this in a family resort.

When a guest comes to the resort there is no way they can control who they bring into the resort on a day pass. They would really have to do some ‘profiling’ to determine who is and who is not of proper repute.

I remember on our first trip to Sosua Beach my family & myself were walking and this girl came up to my son & put her arm through his and started talking about meeting him later in the evening, which I thought was pretty darn bold, my daughter and husband were there too,she acted like we were invisible.

Let me me say this these girls are not shy by a long shot and you are right if you are a living breathing male…

My husband was approached by a lady in Sosua she was sitting on a stool & let’s put it this way before she come over to him she made sure that he saw that she was not wearing anything under her skirt, I was pretty quick to inform her where she could go! With this said, no we still frequent Sosua & it doesn’t bother me, each to their own, just leave mine alone:)

[quote=@jahaira]As a general rule the ‘ladies’ will not approach a couple or someone with younger children. They also will seldom be aggressive because that would be bad for business and may also bring ‘Politur’ (basically tourist cops) into the picture.

I agree, we have never been approached.

Wow; Hard to choose whether ontariobowhunter’s conventional wisdom or Jahaira’s street sense is better.

As a smart Debbie’s member, I’ll choose both.
Thanks Guys.

Guys grow up, they got to make a living. If you don’t look at them so hard they would not talk to you.

And if you go to just about any tourist area in any part of the world things will be the same. Don’t worry about it and if you use some common sense there will be no problems

thats right been to Boca Chica saw it all after a while it bothered me to see the ol guys with such young girls but hey they make the choices… we went out to the bars in Sosua cuz we didnt wanna sit always aroun our resort and yup we were surrounded by the girls young and older and after a few cervesas and hubby gettin a few looks we left and went to a different bar which we didnt see any of the girls so they do excist…!!!