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Prove I'm not the only one

This may have been done before but I need this now…every winter we go south and usually book in Sept. or Oct. for Feb. or March. Up until we book, I am on here and the various booking sites checking resorts and pricing. After we’re booked I am still here on Debbies and check sell off prices etc. I guess just for curiosity. Am I the only one who thinks “trips” all year round? My DH thinks I am the only one! :o So help me prove to him I am not the only trip-obsessed person out there. Anyone else check Debbies almost every day? Now this is one bet I know I can win.

You are not alone, my husband just rolls his eyes whenever someone mentions traveling. When I don’t have any trips of my own planned, I get caught up in my friend’s excitement when they are going somewhere.

I do check Debbies and a couple of other travel forums on a daily basis. Once I book my trip I might check on the price once or twice after that just prove I got a really good deal. So far I’m happy, the last time I checked the resort we are going to is selling for about 400 - 600 more than we paid. :slight_smile: I do, however check prices for the next trip I am considering. I also have TravelAlerts and Travelzoo emails weekly.

So you can tell your husband that no, you are not the only person who eats, drinks and dreams of travel. :slight_smile:

We booked early again this year, so that we get the resort that we want. Also I always keep checking the price until we leave so that I can get a better idea for next year as to when the “best” time to book may be. I have been doing this for the past 4 or 5 years and so far have found that the early booking incentives turn out to be the best. Of course, this applies to a two week vacations as opposed to “last minute” deals which are traditionally for 7 days only. So if you are going for two weeks, we have found “earlier” is better.

yes I am the same, a daily thing for me , and now, I have my spouse hooked too. that’s good for me . I’ve recently retired so now I have more time to play around on all travel sites, and i do enjoy helping family and friends out , trying to find the best deals for hot spots to go .Now if I only had more money ummmm!

My wife and myself start thinking about which resort to go to on our return trip home from the DR - While all is fresh in my mind

I’ll make it short and sweet, you’re not the only one ;D ;D ;D


We start thinking about our next trip with about two days to go in the present trip… never can start dreaming too early you know :slight_smile:

Usually more than once a day :slight_smile:

I start planning my next trip before I even leave on the one that is already booked!!! I am glad to hear I am not the only travel crazed person here!!!

Guilty. ::slight_smile:


Me too, I devote at least a couple of hours a day to checking this site along with numerous booking sites to see if the prices have changed.

Guilty as charged


Same here -you will win this bet hands down!

There for the first few reply’s I thought I was the only man with this problem. I’m already looking for our next trip on April 10th. As long as I’m looking and paying she’s happy to go anywhere. Does this mean when I come back from deer hunting late Wed. evening I’ll have Debbie withdrawels.

I start looking in July and after we book (usually in September) I look every day to make sure we got a good deal. So far so good as our trip to Dreams LaRomana in Feb is $300.00 more than we paid in September. It is an obsession to keep checking!

thinking about the next trip is like sex: thinking about a few times a day…

I am always thinking about the next trip, and researching just in case.

Guilty as well!!